I Want to Hope Again

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I was raised in the general moral principles.
When I was a boy, mother, parents, teachers, grandparents, uncles, neighbors, all of these were people worthy of respect and reputation. They gave us plenty of positive emotions.

It was unthinkable to answer rude adults, teachers or authorities.
I had respect.

We had trust in adults. They were loving parents. Or were the parents of my friends. Or relatives. We are not afraid, but we loved each other. Everybody knew the meaning of the word ‘respect’.
We were afraid only of darkness, monsters and horror movies.

And all this is lost somewhere. I am infinitely sad about it.
Among us has got fear. A man is afraid to be a parent. Parents are afraid for their children. Children from day to day learning to be more afraid. People are afraid of being citizens or peasants.
There is fear of the past and future. There is fear of starvation and of obesity. There is a fear of success and of failure. Fear of old age. Fear of people. Fear of intimacy. Fear for survival. Fear of love … Fear, fear, fear…  and all around us, a bunch of negative emotions and negative energy.

Fear is all around us. I wonder, which will only have to fear our grandchildren?

Do you really constant fight for basic human rights?
Should you ever be in debt?
Do you work only to have settled our debts?
Should we ask ourselves when our time of leisure?
Should we live under stress?
Should we live such high speed?

We all respect and die like a fool again.
Why do people believe that you’re a fool if you’re honest?
Do people can only succeed if they are dishonest?
And what are the criteria for success?
Why is more and more crime?
Why do children become addicted?

Why young people do not respect the elderly?
Why do children beat their teachers?
Why do parents forget what it is discipline?
Why did they forget to have children?
Why do we believe that it is possible to buy everything?

What is happening to us?
Are we still human?
Where is the love lost?
Where we lost the positive energy?
Who is to put bars on the windows?
Where have lost faith and trust?

Why is everyone locked in their world?
Why people are alienated from each other?
Why people are lonely?
Why cars, cell phones and computers are more valuable than a hug?
What is the price of a hug?

How did we manage to achieve that children expect parents to get the prize, to finish the school year?
Is there just a monetary value?
When it happened?
When and where we have lost the right values? Or are the true values become funny?
It is absolutely pointless to ask: why did this happen?

We could go on indefinitely.
And if anyone wanted something to add to this list, could add something new.
Where leads this way?


This world can and should be better.
I believe that better times arrive.
There comes a time of love.

There is nothing in this world that can replace a hug.
There are no machines that were worth more than human conversation.
There is just nothing that would replace the love.
Love is the basis of everything, love is the foundation of existence.
We are surrounded and filled with love.
It is only necessary to see the love and embrace it.
Should embrace all those we love.


We need to learn to love yourself.

We need to restore respect and reputation.
We need to restore the true value.
Real beauty is the beauty of the soul.
It is important to ‘be’ and not ‘look good’.


I want off the grid from the windows and put flowers there.
I want to live in harmony with the Golden Rule:
Others do what you want others do unto you.
I want to love and be loved.
I want to feel freedom and be able to live without fear.
I want to sit on a park bench and enjoy the night scenery.
No fear.

I want that honesty is the motive of success.
I want a clean face.
I want people to look into each others eyes.
I want people to each other permission to live their lives.
I want happiness, joy, pleasure …
I want hope.

I want you all back to the simple and happy life.

Let this life be easy like a summer rain.
Let this life again to be clear as the sky in April.
Let there be light as a breeze at dawn.

It is easy to have. But the more one has, even more needs and wants.
Man has forgotten that they already have everything you need.
Everything a man should have been in it.
Everything else will come by itself.
Should ‘be’! You need to live life and I want to live life.
I want you all live a full life.
God has given us so many blessed gifts. These gifts have enough for everyone in the world.

Happiness is within reach. It should just recognize it.
It should reach out and retrieve it.
It should open your eyes and soak up the endless beauty around us, in us, as well as the people who surround us.

It is time to begin to live again.
In the simple, amazing and beautiful world.
We need to save the world.
We need to preserve the humanity that is within us.
We need to spread love and friendship.
We need to spread empathy.
We need to spread appreciation.
We need to spread positive energy.

We need to believe in God. We need to believe in the world. We need to trust in man. We need to believe in yourself.
This is not utopia.
This is a possibility.

The possibility of choice.
We always have a choice.
Now we can choose.
We can choose to rebuild a better world.

We can choose that we respect and love each other.

We can be happy.
We can do it. We deserve it.
Our children deserve it.
Let’s do something for this world. For a better world.
Let’s do it now.
When are we going to do if not now?
Who will do it, if we do not?

Share this message with people we know. And those who do not know.
Let’s try to infect the world with positive energy.
Share this thinking. 

You’ll be surprised how many people feel the same way as we do.

Let’s do it together.
Do it because we can.
Do it because we want to.
Do it because we love.
Do it because: someone still thinks of you, someone who loves you.
We spread the love!
We still have a choice …


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