Seven Tips to Cut Back Your Cellphone Costs

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Cellphone is in the modern life is no more a luxury. But it has become a business essential of everyone. Business is completely dependent on the phone calls. Since land phones cannot be carried wherever people go, cellphones have made contacts easier. Many companies today provide cellphones to their employees. Some companies even reimburse the cost of calling. It makes work easier and more productive and profitable.

Cellphone cost in the struggling economy

Although cellphones have become very cheap and widespread, the cost of maintaining it and the cost of bills are soaring up every day. Usage of cellphone has increased so much that what cost less than 40 dollars a few months back has easily crossed today 100 dollars. Companies are discussing about possible strategies which may help business by reducing the bills of cell phones.

Here are a few tips that can cut back on cellphone costs

1) Study the bills

Go easy on the minutes. A little cost-benefit analysis on the cellphone bills based on the minutes you have used the cellphone in the past three months can give you a picture of your usage. You might consider the free-time benefit schemes available to minimize your bills. There are plenty of attractive schemes that can save your cost.

2) Purchase an unlocked phone

This will help you shop around and reduce your bills. Unlocked phones are not automatically connected to any one service provider.

3) Try maximum use of family-plan calling

There are multiline plans available today which enable calling spouse and children of your family through cellphones instead of landline phone at home or work phones. This kind of service is unlimited wireless service which allows two or more cell phone subscribers to access a shared pool of minutes and receive a single bill. Family-plan allows unlimited calling to 5 phone numbers.

4) Utilize freebies to the maximum

 Most of the modern cellphone brands offer unlimited free minutes to designated calling-list phone numbers. You may register your most-called numbers and utilize freebee plans to call numbers outside your network through cellphones.

5) Reduce texts or usage minutes

The cost of text messaging adds up quickly in some schemes. In this case you may think of packages which allow 200 to 1,500 messages per month for a certain amount. It is better not to include text plans. You can easily slash your phone bill by more than 50% by putting the apps plan.

6) Prepaid schemes may tend to reduce cost

Prepaid phones may wind up saving you a good deal of money in the long run if you have to make a lot of international calls, or want to use unlocked European phones. Estimates say that about 25 million Americans can save a large sum of money if they prefer prepaid cellphone plans.

7) Data plan can help you reduce your bill

Data plan helps those who use cellphone for e-mailing, web surfing, and other types of data since they charge per megabyte.


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