Garage Floor Epoxy

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Use garage floor epoxy for recovering, repairing and improving how your garage floor looks. This advanced polymer is used for many things like adhesives, paints and coatings. Polyepoxide or epoxy as it is commonly known is also used in art projects, electrical units, wind energy applications and aerospace. It is not surprising then that garage floor epoxy is used for protecting, coating and covering garage flooring for its durability.

Whether at home or in a commercial setting; using garage floor epoxy is the best protection for your garage flooring. This offers great protection from grease, dirt, grime, oil and also UV damage. Since garage floor epoxy dries quickly, it seals your floor completely. The heat resistant properties of epoxy make it a popular choice with the automotive industry as well.

Today’s garages are more than just a protection for the vehicles. Most homes house the lawnmower, workbench, Halloween and Christmas decoration boxes and everything else that won’t fit anywhere else in the garage. It is not surprising to often find the garage converted into the ‘activity’ or even the ‘family’ room. No doubt then protection of the floor is so important. Garage floor epoxy offers a cheaper solution then coating your flooring.

You will find a number of brands of garage floor epoxy and a do-it-yourself kit for your home or business can be bought at $50 to $150. Of course, depending on the size of the area to be covered the price may differ but it will still be much cheaper than other options. Once you watch a good online tutorial, you may not even hire a professional and can usually use garage floor epoxy on your own. Check out your local Costco, Cabela’s, Lowes, Home Depot or Sam’s Club for garage floor epoxy. There are also a number of online retailers, just Google it and compare the prices and features before ordering it.

However, before applying your garage floor epoxy make sure you have gone through a tutorial. It is important that you apply the epoxy thoroughly or there may be visual damages and uncovered spots on the flooring. You can purchase a specific brush sold for such application or even use a shop broom. The application has a lot to do with the type and color of garage floor epoxy you choose.

The oil resistant properties make the garage floor epoxy so popular. Ease of cleaning and the fact that it beads water makes it a good choice too. Just make sure your garage floor is thoroughly cleaned before you apply it. Acid etching cleans deeply and repairing of any surface cracks will make sure the garage floor epoxy has a good structure that it can bond to. Remember that you have to prepare the paint and you also require a hardener or catalyst. Mix it well and leave it for 30 minutes before application. After you have applied the epoxy, distribute the color flakes evenly. Apply a top coat and wait for the curing time before you begin using the garage floor


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