About Garage Floor Tiles

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Garage floor tiles update your garage whether you are looking for protection from oil and grease, a cleaner surface or simply an attractive look. These are easy to maintain and clean, easily installed and yes, you can get a patterned look if that is your preference! Once you have installed your garage floor tiles, you will simply love the new look.

Your garage could be the store room where you store pool chemicals, lawn tools and all or it may be your converted office or the gym. Garage floor tiles will give it a clean and stunning look that makes it feel like a part of the house. Due to all the stored equipment or spillages from chemicals, the garage floor is the most abused. Garage floor tiles offer the best in protection without you having to break the bank.

Any heavy pressure or leakages can be taken care of when you have garage floor tiles. You will find tiles are made of materials like polypropylene and polyvinyl and come in varied shaped like squares of all sizes, edge tiles and corners. Most garage floor tiles are squares that interlock making installing them a breeze. Alternatively, you can buy tiles that are the peel and stick variety. The kind of garage floor tiles you use depends largely on the condition of your garage floor. If you see a lot of damage and cracks, the interlocking tiles will be the best for you. For a squeaky clean floor surface, try the cheaper version of peel and stick garage floor tiles.

Again depending on the kind of damage your garage floor will most likely be exposed to, choose the design and shape of the tiles. The best shape to contain spills is the diamond shape. The best cushioning is offered by the coin shaped garage floor tiles and the channel pattern allows it to be cleaned with much ease. Obviously you could also choose your garage floor tiles according to the pattern that you like!

When cleaning your tiles, simply sweep them or take them out and wash them. When dry and clean, simply interlock them over your floor again. Garage floor tiles offer a lovely warm touch under your feet as compared to cold concrete. Also, these are much more practical than having to cover the entire area under rugs and carpets.

As far as durability goes, garage floor tiles are either made of rubber or not. If you work often in the garage, then it would be a good idea to get the rubber tiles. These will be costlier but will offer additional resistance from damage. You must have seen rubber floor mats in garage floors that are simply painted? This is to avoid heavy equipment and tools from damaging the floor when they fall on the hard floor.

If you have decided on using garage floor tiles, there are color options too. The checkerboard pattern is the best when you couldn’t care less about frequent cleaning. You can also get solid colored or multi colored garage floor tiles. Some of them come in all hues imaginableâ¦and the best part? Just carry them with you when you move!


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