Garage Floor Coverings

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So you are looking for ways to protect your garage floor from oil, grease and all the marks that you see by the end of the day. When out in the market, what kind of garage floor coverings should you select? There are so many options for garage floor coverings for your considering. You could get these coverings in various materials or even paint your garage floor for protection.

The most common option is mats for your garage floor coverings and these come in all colors and sizes. All you need to do is to throw the mat wherever you want them offering you the easiest way to cover your garage floor.

If you are thinking of painting your garage floor, then it is best to know that garage floor paints are special. These would be epoxy paints that protect your garage floor from any wear and tear and spills. Painting the concrete floor makes sure it remains attractive, is well protected and is also safe so you do not slip on a wet concrete floor. You could also use latex paints on garage floors. Though painting your garage floor would be a time consuming job, it is the cheapest option for garage floor coverings.

Tiles are another option for garage floor coverings that are available in various colors and patterns. You will find the peel and stick type tiles that can be simply stuck onto your concrete floor. However, the easier option is the interlocking tiles which take no time to install and are easy to clean. Not just the garage, you could use these tiles in your workshop or the basement as well. Get a color and pattern that would look attractive and also compliment the interior décor of the rest of your home. if you are thinking ceramic tiles are so not you â tiles are not the same anymore. The latest in trend are the flexi PVC tiles that can easily bend but also take huge pressures.

For a more aesthetically appealing option, why not find out more about stained concrete? These are stains that can imitate stone, marble, tile or leather look making them the number one decorative option in garage floor coverings. The easiest way of staining concrete is using concrete acid stain. You can use this option both inside and outside the garage and the method is so easy, even a do-it-yourself homeowner can get amazing results!

Cork is also a great option for garage floor coverings due to the rubber like properties. Whichever option you choose for your garage floor coverings, you will first have to patch up the old concrete floor. It is not a difficult job but adding new garage floor coverings on a cracked floor will never work long. If a major renovation is not possible then you would do better with mats for garage floor coverings. Whenever your budget can allow, renovate the old floor and then carry on with the garage floor coverings option of your choice.


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