Travel Nurse Staffing

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There is a major shortage of nurses in the United States making it obvious that there must be a lot of money in starting your agency for travel nurse staffing. Though this is true, it is not very easy to begin a travel nurse staffing agency.

Probably the biggest challenge that you may face when thinking of starting a travel nurse staffing company is getting the capital. The entire problem is that hospitals do not pay the agencies promptly but the nurses expect to be paid for their work quickly. So the main requirement when you start a travel nurse staffing company is enough money to pay the nurses while you wait for the hospitals to pay up.

Obviously there is a lot of competition in the travel nurse staffing industry. You will have to have a constant source of nurses who are looking for work. Getting these leads could cost you a lot of money, in the vicinity of thousands of dollars each month! There is one more pitfall to the travel nurse staffing industry, the competition and constant demand for qualified nurses; some of them may change their minds about an assignment at the last minute. This could be due to one of your competitors offering them a better wage.

The key components of starting a travel nurse staffing agency include a number of internal overheads as well. You will need somebody to run the accounts, payroll, housing and also experienced recruiters who can interview the qualified nurses. Some people may be too puzzled or overwhelmed with the entire process of owning their own agency.

This detailing so far is definitely not to discourage you from beginning your trave nurse staffing agency but merely to make you aware of the various pitfalls you must avoid early in your career. Which brings to my mind the last and most important thing to keep in mind is liability insurance. Keep a good account of all the nurse’s credentials as well so that you are not heading towards a major headache soon. With these points in mind, you will surely be able to avoid all the troubles of a travel nurse staffing company and emerge successful.

Travel nurse staffing has become a booming industry in the past 2 decades even though it met a lot of controversies in the beginning. This is why it was simply restricted to medical facilities that were facing critical shortages then. There was a lot of skepticism about the quality of medical care a traveling nurse could offer in unfamiliar institutions. However, over the years a number of highly qualified nurses have risen in the field breaking away this image.

Travel nurse staffing is the perfect solution to the woes of the institution as well as the nurses. Hospitals and other medical facilities can now easily recruit through these travel nurse staffing agencies. The nurses can also now receive higher compensation for their work, mostly getting paid more than permanent staff. They can also get a lot of flexibility when choosing their employment opportunities depending on their preferences and skills. With the right mindset, a travel nurse staffing business can be a profitable one for you.


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