Good Wedding Gift Ideas

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It can be a real daunting task when looking for unique wedding gift ideas. This holds true especially when the couple is a dear one. Whether the couple is successful and can afford anything or if they are having monetary problems â wedding gift ideas should be based on a few basic questions.

Get ideas from their wedding registry

It may sound silly but these are items that the bride and groom have chosen for their new home. This wish list should offer you some great wedding gift ideas. Go through their list and choose a nice item they will appreciate. If you know them well, you will also be easily able to find items you are sure they will not buy for themselves if nobody else gets it for them. Can there be better wedding gift ideas?

Look for the couple’s need

This is probably the best in wedding gift ideas. When the wedding couple is family or close friends, more often than not you are aware of their needs. You could buy them something for their new home that you know they need but cannot buy right now. An appreciated gift would be contribution towards the honeymoon or paying for something in the wedding!

Be sure to know who you are buying it for

First think who is the gift for â is it for a family member, friend or a corporate colleague. For family and friends, you are bound to know their needs so you can buy just the thing. For a colleague, you may want to make discreet inquiries as to interests or hobbies. However, be careful though since a number of people in important public or government positions are ruled by law to not accept gifts. Such laws guarantee the integrity and sanctity of their position.

Keeping all these points in mind, it could still be quite a job looking for wedding gift ideas. How about a few ideas now that make for perfect wedding gift ideas that are great and will be within your budget too?

Personalized gifts

â things that you create with your own hands make for the most unique wedding gift ideas. These could be ceramic gifts that are hand painted by you for the new bride’s home. try your hand at handmade paintings, painted platters or tablecloth. 

IR registry

â this could be a costly affair but this is the list to get wedding gift ideas from the couple’s own dream list. If you are wealthy, you can easily get them something they never thought anybody will buy them. If not, you could still arrange for a group of friends to contribute and get them their dream wedding gift!

Gift cards

â I know, these sound like the most impersonal wedding gift ideas; but trust me it is better than bringing them a painting of a horrifying animal! Think of it this way, you are giving the new couple to choose something they’d like for their new home with this gift. Simply attach your gift card to a beautiful flower bunch and see them light up.

Whatever you choose for the new couple from these wedding gift ideas, remember your gift is the language of your heart and emotions!


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