Intensive Driving Course

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It is so common to start something new in life, like learning to drive and hope to get the end result (your driving license) instantly! Sometimes there are genuine reasons for wanting to pass the driving test quickly like a job, travel or wanting to finish the course within your university holidays. This is why we have an intensive driving course for the needy!

So, what exactly is an intensive driving course? Since you are different from me in every way including your learning curve, the training hours differ for everybody. For an average person though 25 to 35 hours of training would be required. It is obvious that some of us may be able to achieve it sooner and others might take longer. A lot depends on previous road experience as well. Your ability to judge speed, distance and angles and whether you take private tuitions or not also makes a lot of difference to the number of hours you need in an intensive driving course.

What intensive training courses really mean is taking those required number of hours within the shortest time possible. It could be within a few days, a week or more. If your first thought to that is ‘wow, driving license in a week!’, this is not the case! If you are cramping in 40 hours of an intensive driving course within a week, remember that it will be a lot of information in a very short period and yes, stressful. Some of us may not be able to cope with this. If you are struggling with stress and the learning with an intensive driving course, then you are probably not ready to take the test at the end of the week.

A better option (if you have some time, that is) would be to get these 40 hours of intensive driving course over a period of say, 4 weeks. This way you get about 10 hours of training per week that is certainly less stressful. Is it not better than one lesson per week? Imagine, 40 weeks of training if you were in a hurry! Do keep in mind that intensive driving courses are no magic pills. In order to gain a licence to drive on public roads, the guarantee lies only with you.

When you need to pass your test quickly through an intensive driving course, check around with a number of schools. Check out the deals they offer and see how well they relate with you. Before you pay up an intensive driving school (they take fees up front), make sure you avail of the opportunity to take a few lessons with your shortlisted instructors. Once their teaching method suits your learning style, you know you have found the best instructor for your intensive driving course.

When looking for intensive driving courses, you should only consider reputable schools. Getting a recommendation from a friend, family member or colleague would make the search easier for you.


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