Driving Lessons Price

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Driving lessons prices depend on number of hours of instructions you take. The classroom sessions could cost you anywhere from $30 to $180 and the behind the wheel instructions could cost between $50 and $150 for each session. You could also opt for packages that include both the classroom sessions as well as behind the wheel lessons and this could cost you about $400. But I am sure if you were looking for driving lessons prices on various websites, you would already have this information. Let us see what contributes to these driving lessons prices.

Understanding what all makes up for driving lessons prices could help you cut down on the cost. Learning how to drive is not a cheap affair and many families with 3 or more kids applying for driver’s license may want to cut down on the costs. Make a good survey, ask around and go online to check and compare various driving lessons prices. There may be lesser known driving schools nearby who have good recommendations and charge lesser than the more popular schools. Also, keep checking for reductions in prices or any other package offers that reduce the overall amount you have to pay.

Here are four factors that contribute to driving lessons prices:

Your age â if you are a fresh learner, it will be costlier for you to learn how to drive. This is since the instructor will be required to guide you on each step from the beginning. According to studies, on an average 30 to 35 hours of driving lessons are good for most learners to pass the driving test.

Previous driving experience â if you have had prior driving experience, your driving lessons prices will definitely be lesser. This is because the instructor does not have to go over all the basics with you again and all you may require really is a simple refresher.

Get dropped to the learning center â most instructors pick you up from your home for your lessons. This increases driving lessons prices since they increase the rates to compensate for the fuel. If you are far from the center, opt for somebody in your family or a friend to drop you to the center for your driving lessons.

Take out time on weekdays â driving lessons prices depend on the day you take the lessons too. Mostly weekend classes are costlier than weekday sessions. If you get off from work at a good time or get a lunch hour, it will save you this money to take classes on a weekday.

When looking for driving lessons prices, you need to also consider if you are opting for regular sessions or crash courses. A crash course or the intensive course will always be costlier than the regular one. The driving lessons prices for intensive course could be twice the regular prices! So unless it is a real emergency to get a driver’s license sooner, a regular session would save money and also allow for more confidence on the roads. Before making your choice, ask for recommendations to find the best in driving lessons prices.


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