Reviewing Gps Systems

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GPS systems have made navigation on the roads much easier. Once used only by the government, GPS systems are widely used by the common man in many countries today. There are many kinds of GPS systems with different features. If you want the best for your money, spend some time in choosing one. Begin with setting your budget for one of these GPS systems. Look up some of the available brands so you get an idea of the ones that are worth considering.

Most users strongly recommend the Garmin GPS system, a leader in this field. If you are hoping for a touch screen or voice given directions on your GPS system, look no further than the Garmin nuvi 225w. The touch screen on this model is full color and the GPS system can be set to give you step by step directions and that too with voice so you can drive in peace. It comes with a rechargeable battery and also a car adapter so you can charge it with the car battery while you are driving.

If this model is beyond your budget, you could go in for the Garmin nuvi 360 which is more pocket friendly. This is also the best GPS system for the beginner, so if this is your first buy, pick up this model from Garmin. This one also offers full color system with detailed and thorough directions. Though the features are not the same as of those on a higher priced model, there are certain features on offer that you will simply love. These features include traffic updates and bluetooth.

One of the GPS systems that can be installed inside the vehicle is the Uniden 352. A number of drivers prefer this to other handheld GPS systems since it is a part of the car’s dash and there is no worry of discharged batteries or having to carry it around with you whenever you travel. There is a 3.5″ full color screen and it is a touch screen. If you travel long distances, this is a highly recommended GPS system as it features functional maps and over 2 million points of interest. Most of the users of this system have thoroughly enjoyed it and rate it as one of the most accurate GPS systems currently available in the market.

Another GPS system you may want to check out is the Magellan Maestro 4350. This one can be installed inside the car as well. This is an exceptional system as it offers more than 6 million points of interest! The screen is also larger than what you will find in any other portable GPS system at 4.3″. Other than the voice directions, this system even corrects spellings for locations you may have misspelt. Get warned of any speed traps and play your favorite music with the mp3 player it features. The only thing you still have to do is drive the car!


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