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Hi, my name is Tom Olofsson. I’m an estate planning attorney and I serve clients in the Chicago area. Thank you for coming to my website. I have something very special that I’d like to give you but first let me tell you a little bit about my practice.

What is Power of Attorney?

One thing that is often misunderstood is: what is a power of attorney. People will call me and say my dad is getting ill or his memory is fading or my mom has just had a stroke and I need power of attorney. Well, they often don’t know what it is they’re asking me, and they have just been told that something that they should ask for. Power of attorney is a document that you said during your lifetime while you are able to and while you were will give someone else the authority to conduct financial powers, financial transactions for you; financial and business. It can be something as simple as a phone company, I was at my parents’ house recently helping mom with her cable, trying to get their Internet set up, Internet system hooked up and they wouldn’t talk to me because I wasn’t on the account so with that in the position to either having to lie to them which attorneys don’t lie so I can be that so I had to go try my dad down he was out getting something in the garage and get him back in and have him tell the person on the phone at the phone company that it was okay to talk to me.

I know it’s a little bit silly to be having documents for something so simple, Bethune had been out of town power of attorney would’ve made that easier because I couldn’t get him on the phone if he were out of town. So a power of attorney can be something as simple as deal with the phone company or the post office or it can be something complex like talk to my pension broker where I worked for talk to my IRA custodian or the bank where I have my assets. It’s a legal arrangement where a person has been put in the authority to talk for you in business matters and property matters.

Now what I’d like you to do is go to my website and find out how you can get a FREE review of your existing trust documents to see if they come to our standards. I can also arrange for you to get free access to 20 videos that answer your most often asked questions. They give you some guidance as to what you should be looking for. Now, if you don’t have existing trust documents or you have a particular question that’s been bothering you, you’re welcome to call my phone number which is 773-905-1193 and we’ll set up a complimentary consultation.


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