Stress Management – a Way to Lead a Happy Life

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The basic need for stress management is to change the belief that stress is natural. If you learn how to manage the stress, you can lead a happy life. Meditation helps a lot in changing the wrong beliefs and increases one’s internal strength which helps in minimizing the effects of stress. One can calm down his busy mind with the aid of meditation. Read more here: How to meditate to calm your busy and active mind


Stress has become a routine thought necessary in our day to day interactions and relationships. It is this belief only that stress is necessary causing all the damage. For stress management and to avoid effect of stress a deep understanding about stress is required.

Stress is a physical and mental response to events that upset one’s mind and soul’s balance in some way. Some times our body reacts as if we are facing a life-or-death situation. So managing stress is very much essential to minimize its harmful effect on mind and body

Effects of stress on behavior

The most visible and immediate effect of stress is in our behavior. Our creative and thinking power diminishes. Our communication skill is effected the most we can’t communicate clearly. One can’t read other people accurately. Trusting someone becomes difficult. We could not attend even to our own needs.

Effects of stress on the body

The effect of stress on the body is not seen immediately. This is because if organic illness followed every emotional disturbance, we would become alert and pay great attention to our thoughts, feelings, attitude, etc. Our body has a large amount of reserve capacity. For example, our heart possesses four to six times more capacity than the minimum required. Thus only when the capacity of the heart is reduced four to six times below normal do we suffer heart failure.

The fact is, then, every emotional disturbance does cause negative changes in the body and reduces the attacked organ’s reserve capacity. The process of depletion of reserve capacity may take many years before clinical cases are seen. In this way, effect of stress harms the body very gradually. 

How to manage Stress to lead a happy life

For stress management we have to take charge of our thoughts, our emotions, our environment, and the way how we deal with our problems. Following steps need to be taken to manage stress and to be happy.

1. Change your perception: Some people only work a few hours a day and are hardly ever confronted by deadlines, but they are more stressed than those working long hours to tight deadlines. This shows how we perceive the situations of daily life that generates our stress. It’s our perception. So for stress management changing our perception is the first step.

2. Challenge your Beliefs: If we believe in ourselves, if we believe we can control our emotions, if we believe that no one can hurt us without our permission, if we believe that missing a deadline is not the end of the world, then we will always be able to relax and manage stress, no matter where we are or how tight the deadline. In fact, then we will be much less likely to miss the deadline than the person who is a habitual worrier.

Beliefs don’t come built into your genes. We learn them, send them into our subconscious and they then pop up and out through our thoughts, emotions and words. The problem is we identify with the beliefs. This is extremely silly when you realize that belief is not the truth.

Challenge your beliefs and you change everything.

3. Learn to say “no”

Know your limits and stick to them. Refuse to accept added responsibilities when you can’t meet them. For stress management learn to say no.

4. Accept the things you can’t change

The best way to handle stress is to accept the situations as they are.

Don’t try to control the situations which are not under your control. Particularly the behavior of other people. Just focus on the things you can control such as the way you choose to react to problems.

5. Learn to forgive. Accept the fact that everyone in this world is imperfect and people do make mistakes. Don’t be angry and revengeful. Just forgive and move on. This will help you to live a happy life.

5. Take responsibility

Take responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings. Be ready for inner work. Everything in our life, including our destiny, begins in our own head.

6. Increase your inner strength

Increase your internal power so that outer situations could not affect you. The first step towards this is to identify yourself.

The most important thing in stress management is to change the belief that stress is natural and can be in any way useful. If you understand what exactly the stress is and how to manage it, then you yourself find a way to lead a prosperous and happy life.

Stop stressing start living.


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