The Parrot "ara"

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But all parrots Ara associated with the term are not necessarily of this family. This designation assigned to them mainly because of their colorful plumage clearly. in terms of scale, the Hyacinth Macaw has a record size.

Macaw parrots are usually dominated by the plumes of bluish color, a yellow belly and a private white face feathers. These animals have eyes on the small black lines. The description of the ara leads also noted a particularly large nose, quite large and hooked. This bill is bounded by a hook and is said to facilitate the above break a coconut. We’re talking parrot with a wingspan between 30 and 90 cm long.

ARBs are especially common in the humid forests of South America (Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia). In captivity, parrots Ara fond of tree branches. They love very often in contact with places where one indicates the presence of lakes or rivers. They have a weight that varies between 1.5 and 2 kg.

Macaw birds are mainly frugivorous and granivorous animals. So they feed on fruits and seeds as well as palm nuts. In captivity, birds macaw eat all day long and do not return home that evening to coucher.Dès that they have little or when they live in groups, the birds of the family of macaws are full of belly of food and share it with them.

Coupling side, the pairs of macaws are very in love, very rarely leave and caress all the time. They migrate and do all together until one of them come to disappear. During the breeding and brood, the couple walks away and finds shelter in its nest. The female lays two eggs in most cases it takes care coverage for 27 days on average. At the age of 3 or 4 months, the small desert the nest.

Macaws are birds that have no smell. Due to the fact that they remain high in the trees, parrots are often endangered by predatory animals except that they do not venture into the lower branches. They they sometimes live for 50 years or 80 years in the wild.

Hand-fed, animals macaw parrots are endowed with the capacity to cause and are very endearing. The only dark spot with them is the scope of their cries. Added to this, their demand for space makes maintenance difficult. But over time, they become more open and complicity born with their master.


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