How to Choose Electric Heat?

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1. The floor heating system gets public support during the construction of a new home, or a complete renovation.
2. Electric central heating: an electric boiler heats the water in your heating system, to feed the radiators or underfloor heating
3. The electric heaters: coil mechanical or electronic classic, called “toaster”, which are less appreciated as uncomfortable
4. Radiant panels: the same principle as the sun, they use the radiation to heat and you are more comfortable
5. The radiators heat soft: A soft heat heating heat will give you a steady, pleasant, without the jolts of sensation hot cold. This is a radiant heat, consistent, comparable to that of central heating.
6. Radiators inertia on the same principle as the soft heat radiators, but with greater inertia, by a buildup of heat, usually in the melting
7. The heaters: store off-peak EDF (discounted), electric heat, in refractory or of soapstone, and this, in order to return to day. You get the same way to a gentle heat, as with central heating, plus you save
8. The radiator fluid, oil-filled coil: an electrical resistance thermoplongeante warm mineral oil, high performance, biodegradable flowing through the radiator. Again the heat is gentle and uniform from floor to ceiling
9. Heat pumps extract heat from the surrounding environment (water, air, soil) to heat your home in winter or cool in the summer when you have opted for reversibility. Whether the very low geothermal energy, the heater or air conditioning, the heating means are very popular right now, because they can make substantial savings in electric heating. Only the compressor and possibly pumps and fans consume electricity
10. Electric fireplaces provide an atmosphere in your living room, and you enjoy the fire effect
11. The electric towel are very popular in bathrooms, and more in the kitchen
12. The electric heaters: convector mobile heaters blowing ceramic infrared radiators are there only for an additional heating

All these means of electric heating have their advantages and disadvantages. Do not forget every time, to consider the amount of investment required, in addition to the annual cost of heating chosen (use + maintenance). And there can be huge surprises, as the so-called electric heating most economical in terms of consumption, will not be in reality if you divide the cost of its investment over 15 years for example.

When you choose an electric heater, the most important is to provide very good insulation. It is also imperative to provide an energy manager, allowing you to lower the temperature when you’re away, and at night, and this piece by piece, depending on your electric heating needs.


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