Is Choosing A Smart Phone A Smart Choice?

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Today’s world and the people living in it are far removed from those of a decade ago. It is a necessity for teenagers and business people to be constantly in touch with their friends and colleagues. Today there is a constant flow of information; nobody wants to be left out from finding out everything from the stock market to who’s dating whom! The one solution for all is a smart phone; it keeps you in touch with the world while you are on the go.

Smart phones offer features of normal phone calling as well as built-in calendars or organizers, applications for texting and email and web browsing. A smart phone can also run spreadsheet software and word processing offering you a virtual office in the palm of your hand.

Smart phones vary in their features and price. Some of the top smart phones are the Apple iPhone 3GS, HTC Touch Pro2, Palm Pre, Motorola Droid and the Blackberry Bold 9700. These share some common features and then each one has some unique ones.

Most people consider the Apple iPhone to be the ultimate in smart phones. Most were waiting with anticipation for the original entrant and were not disappointed. The latest 3GS is worth its price. Slim and light in weight, this has an attractive touch screen with larger icons. You will find all you needed on this smart phone including email to a calendar to a number of other applications that can be downloaded. However, there have been some complaints about the quality of call and accessing the 3G network.

A strong competitor to the Apple smart phone is the Motorola Droid. It runs on Google’s Android platform. A touch screen with a QWERTY keyboard offers ease of use on this smart phone. It is larger and heavier but the picture and call quality surpasses the iPhone.

Heavier, more expensive and larger than both of these is the HTC Touch Pro smart phone. It is more useful for business users as it runs Windows mobile and offers conference calling. The touch screen is large and better quality with a pop up QWERTY keyboard. This keyboard has enough space between the keys to make typing easy unlike the Droid’s keyboard. Excellent call quality is another plus for this smart phone.

The Blackberry Bold is another smart phone from Blackberry that is stylish and sleek. The screen is smaller as the keyboard is a part of the main body and not a pop out. Some people find it better to always have the keyboard accessible. Most users of this smart phone are satisfied but the web browser is not comparable to other smart phones where easy usage is concerned.

And then there is the Palm Pre smart phone. It is smaller in size than the iPhone but looks similar. The touch screen can be navigated easily and offers very high quality pictures. There is an easily accessible QWERTY keyboard as well but it is not easy to use. Where this smart phone stands out is the capability of multi tasking. You can run various applications at the same time and easily switch back and forth.

There are endless choices when looking for a smart phone but in the end it is all about personal preferences.


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