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With the installation and successful running of Windows Mobile across the globe, it will be no surprise if Microsoft comes up with its own phone in the near future.

Though this is just in the rumor phase and Microsoft has continuously denied that it is entering the hardware market; it still remains current talk in the mobile world that a Microsoft phone is definitely in the pipeline.

Perhaps there is a very real danger of Android, Google’s rival operating system becoming a contender to Windows Mobile’s popularity. This could be the reason why Microsoft, the software giant is hoping to make a phone for itself.

A Microsoft phone could be quite appealing to most people but it is still a risk for a newcomer to enter the market. With so many other companies already vying for that first spot like Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Apple and Samsung, a Microsoft phone could easily find itself surrounded in a struggle that may be difficult to cope with.

Having said that; there are still reports on several websites of a Microsoft phone to be launched soon. Some of these websites even claim to have pictures of the Microsoft phone which is based on the Mp3 player, Zune from Microsoft. If this is true, the Zune phone would be quite a competition to the iPhone from Apple which is a mobile phone and iPod combo and is believed to be the best in smartphones today. Maybe, Microsoft is taking a cue from its biggest software rival and coming up with its own offering? If this is the case, then there is a lot of work in store for Microsoft if it wants to convert Apple’s fan base and carve out a niche for itself! 

Actually when Google made its entry into the mobile market with the Android as its operating system, it was received with open arms. And just like a Microsoft phone, there were rumors at that time about getting to see a company called ‘Googlephone’ coming soon to the market. This could only mean one thing that Microsoft may receive a similar reception, though there will be a lot of work for Microsoft to change its image and get the same respect that Google does from its customers.

If a Microsoft phone does release, it will surely be a winner if the deal is good. With cheaper deals on calls, texting and other money saving deals on the Microsoft phone, it will definitely be accepted well in the market.


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