Lemon Pepper

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It is God’s gift that my mother is a very good cook; she can really turn a normal dish into a wonderful meal with additions like lemon pepper. Wherever I travel to, I miss the delightful food she makes. The fact that ‘a good cook can turn slim man to fat’ goes for her. She is a typical Midwestern lady. So many years have passed but the only way I can change the taste of a dish to a delightful dish is by using lemon pepper.

I know it is sad, but I can say I am good at using lemon pepper. Lemon pepper is just like my magic stick. I love cooking chicken, and I do cook chicken once or twice a week. So I can say I am perfect as a professional with using lemon pepper and butter on top of a dish. I can perfectly add salt and pepper to any dish without making it too much or even less.

I can’t admit that I find lemon pepper irresistible, but I can say that I mastered my cooking skills quite early. I can say that one can fake cooking skills by doing that. By simply putting a few pinches of lemon pepper on top of chicken can turn it into a perfect eye candy. Just by sprinkling a bit of lemon pepper on top of it can give you a feeling like you did something real big. Since my college years I have been doing that, but also using lemon pepper makes my dish feel good and taste good too.

I know I have placed all my trust on lemon pepper. Let me tell you a little about my first experience with lemon pepper. I baked chicken in the oven for just about two minutes. That gave me enough time to find the rest of the ingredients for it. The next thing I did was I took out some fresh lemon juice and some pepper for seasoning it. Well it is so easy, but it gave me the feeling of a big accomplishment and it did taste good too. You can get many different seasoning sachets in the market today.

I too have tried other seasoning packets and read simple cooking skills from a local magazine. But it gives a good feeling to make anything on your own whether it tastes good or not. It was my first attempt to cook chicken like that and really worked perfectly for me with lemon pepper seasoning. It is really easy. You should try this too someday!


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