The Bay Beach Amusement Park

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If you are looking for a family get together for some good fun, then you should visit the Bay Beach amusement park in Wisconsin. This amusement park is the best place to visit for family fun. The bay beach amusement park was first opened in the late 1800’s and is located near the Fox River in Wisconsin. This amazing amusement park got its name from the well known ‘Bay Beach’ which flows along the park’s east end.

Mitchell Nejedlo, a young industrialist bought the land in 1892; he had planned to open up a private beach resort. He then planned to build up a bar, a bathhouse and a dancehall. He also bought a steamboat for transporting people. He never thought it would be such a success to construct an amusement park, but it was really a remarkable achievement for him. For long now the amusement park has been hosting countless concerts, dances and political rallies. It was the place where many political speeches were held. Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his speech to thousands on this amusement park.

Now, this Bay Beach Amusement Park has many attractions as well as rides for its visitors. Visitors can rent out venues for events and private parties, like the famous Bay Beach Pavilion. The Bay Beach Amusement Park was very famous for its roller coaster which was built in 1901. Many families visit the amusement park for outings and summer cookouts. Also the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is near to the Bay Beach Amusement Park, which is another big attraction for the visitors. The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is a 700 acre wide sanctuary, where visitors can feed small animals, ducks and geese. Another attraction for visitors is the Fort Fun and the Castle Karts which is also near to the Bay Beach Amusement Park. Visitors can play golf and ride bumper boats. Have more fun with such things on offer like paint-balling and batting cages with mini-golf.

The best thing about the Bay Beach Amusement Park is that everything in there still has an old-fashioned price tag. What this means for you is an outing in the park won’t cost you a big deal for all the fun and entertainment they provide. The fun games, rides, food and many things you find there are not at all costly. Eatables can be purchased throughout the day. So even if you had budgetary constraints, you can still enjoy a day out without worrying about over spending! This could be a great advantage over other amusement parks that can burn a hole in your pocket without careful pre planning.

For the foreign visitors, there are many hotels available in the Green Bay. If you are looking for a family fun outing for a few days, the Bay Beach Amusement Park is the perfect place. Children as well as adults will surely have the time of their lives. At the Bay Beach Amusement Park you will have the best affordable family fun with priceless memories.


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