Best Amusement Parks In The US

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Amusement parks are fun and everybody loves to visit them. Children and adults love going to amusement parks alike for the fun, rides, water parks, food stalls, concerts, bumper cars and an endless choice of exhilarating experiences. The United States is well known for the best of Amusement parks in the world. For instance, Disneyland, I bet everyone in the world knows about it and it is every child’s secret wish to visit. Every Amusement park here in the United States has something different; every Amusement park is based on some theme.

Our country has a variety of some of the most popular and certainly the best amusement parks. Take a look at the following:

Disney World in Orlando

It is known as the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. When it comes to searching for the best amusement parks in the USA, Florida tops the list. Disneyworld just gets better and better. If you are looking for Disney characters, traditional rides, Hollywood fun and endless other activities, Disneyworld has all of it.Visitors can book their trip on the internet or they can make their reservations by visiting the Walt Disney World Central Reservations at the Lake Buena Vista in Florida. It is really needless to say that the Disneyworld has never-ending fun and is on the wishlist of all kids the world over!

Hershey Park

Hershey is another word for chocolate, known as “The Sweetest Place on Earth”. The Hershey Park has more than 60 sweet rides and other attractions. The Hershey Park’s covered area is about 110 acres. Visitors to this amazing amusement park enjoy eating chocolate at the Hershey’s Chocolate World. Perhaps the best attraction is the Hershey Museum which has many eye-catching antiques for the visitors.

Legoland California

Legoland is a theme based amusement park located in Carlsbad, California. The Legoland Park is divided into nine sections which are: Dino Island, The Beginning, Duplo, Fun Town, Miniland USA, Castle Hill, Village Green, Pirate Shores, Land of Adventure and the Imagination Zone. Children can play mind games with the blocks. Legoland is the place for children under 12, most of the games and the traditional amusement park rides are totally kid-friendly. Every ride and attraction here depends on the imagination and fantasy of children â Legoland is totally for kids.

Mount Olympus water and theme park

It is a unique “Greek-themed” amusement park. Mount Olympus beckons as the land of adventure and myth. The park covers over 156 acres of land. The Mount Olympus Park has nine big go-kart tracks to feel the power of the engines roaring and six hair-raising roller coasters to feel the wind on your face. The Mount Olympus Water and Theme Park has a mini-golf course, 37 steep waterslides, indoor coasters and tea cups. The Mount Olympus amusement park also has an artificial beach with the world’s tallest tidal wave pool. The wave tides are 9 feet high, which is another big attraction for visitors.

One article is not enough to cover all the stunning amusement parks you can experience in the country. However, these are some of the amusement parks you should find time to visit at least once in your lifetime!


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