Your Favorite Amusement Parks

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You know that your favorite amusement park has been judged as the best water park or has been included in the list of must-see waterparks; but do you know how amusement parks are judged? Known across the globe for their thrilling rides, scrumptious foods and fun games; amusement parks are awarded top park international recognition by an entire professional association. The IAAPA or the International Association of Amusements parks and attractions awards these parks every year with several awards like the Souvenir awards and the Spirit of Excellence awards.

The employees of the association work tirelessly to judge waterparks, amusement parks and other attractions and the Expo is held at different places each year. Here are some of the categories your favorite amusement parks are judged on.

Souvenir awards

These awards judge amusements parks on both visual display in stores and merchandise. The souvenirs from the stores are judged and the amusement park awarded based on the visual appeal, branding, quality, innovations and uniqueness. You will see categories like best keychain, hat, T-shirt, gift, drinkware and visual, both focal and overall. All amusement parks can enter this contest by sending in a sample of the merchandise or a picture of the merchandise display latest by September. The awards are announced in November at the expo.

Spirit of excellence awards

All amusement parks around the world are awarded for their behind the scenes work through this award. The most prominent judgements are made for safety awareness, guest services training and employee orientation among others. Every category awards amusement parks for their commitment to professional and training development. Some of the winners of this prestigious award have been New Jersey, Singapore, Wildwood, Australia and Canada.

Must see waterparks award

Each year in November, the top 2 or 3 waterparks are awarded the must see waterparks recognition. These winning amusement parks are usually the ones that have been consistent in offering their visitors an unforgettable time. The main criteria for judging remain operations, guest service or safety. Winning waterparks in the past have featured private cabanas, relaxation services like spa and massages, separate children’s play area and water slides. In the past, the amusement parks that have won this award were South Korea, New Jersey, Dubai and China.

Service awards

For all the International Association of Amusements parks and attractions members, there are 3 separate service awards. These include the meritorious service award, the outstanding service award and the lifetime service award. Members who have worked for the benefit of Amusement parks in their region or on a national or international level receive these awards. The nominations can be sent by mail or online by September and the awards are given out during the owner’s and general managers breakfast during the Expo.

There are millions of people who visit amusement parks each year and marvel at the ambience, rides and themes. Now you know that these amusement parks are in fact awarded and appreciated for their unforgettable experiences they offer you!


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