What Does It Take To Be A US Open Winner?

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When the 2005 US Open started in Pinehurst, North Carolina; nobody was banking on Michael Campbell as the winner. Campbell had been there before, could not survive the weekend the last four Opens. As luck would have it, his final round of 1 under 69 offered him that 2 stroke lead that got him a victory over Tiger Woods, the top ranked player! So how did Michael manage to keep composed against Woods when he made a charge on the back nine? Was this merely confidence or could it be contributed to his skills? What was eventually the combination that got Michael the win?

A champion has a number of abilities and traits. It is also a lot about the conditioning and fitness level. Though most of us envy professional golfers, the regimen that they undergo is not a piece of cake. It looks so easy when we watch them on the rounds, but it is a different story altogether behind the scenes.

For the professional golfer of today, it is so much more than simple skills and technique. With newer golf technology, there is increased control, distance and power for the golfer. And then again, the technology is just a small part of the gradual changes in golf.

Today’s professional golfer spends a lot more time conditioning his body for the game. The competition out there is tough and for consistent and powerful swings, a golfer’s body must be flexible and strong. A lot of time is devoted to flexible conditioning and functional strength. The main aim of the functional regimen is to be duplicate the demands of a golf swing on a golfer’s body. There are 2 things that are targeted with this â improving the strength and flexibility of the targeted muscle group and conditioning of the neuromuscular system with movements just like the ones on the course.

Any golfer can learn a lot from a professional where conditioning and fitness is concerned. A golf swing requires a lot from your body and is a complex movement. A regular regimen of conditioning and strengthening exercises will help your musculoskeletal system get stronger and more flexible. As you get fit, you will get more power with less effort. This would mean a swing that is smooth with a greater club speed and lower scores. Fitness is the norm for today’s golfer; why not start right away for years of rewarding play?


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