Factors That Have Affect Your Golf Swing

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Golf is really a great game with many benefits for its players. It is a great way to exercise. You can meet new people; it is a great way for socializing. In golf no two players have the same golf swing. Every person differs from the other, so does their strength and flexibility. No two persons have the same golf swing. Every golf player has to adapt the playing style that fits him best.

The thing that helps all golf players in making positive progress on their game is to understand the basic factors which affect the ball during the moment of impact. In simpler words, when the golf club hits the sweet spot of the ball is the moment of impact. When you will understand what happens and why, then you can make adjustments to perfect your swing. If the adjustments you made in your swing made your shots not as good as they were before then, you can undo the adjustments.

The moment of impact is a combination of four factors which can determine where and how far the ball will travel.

1. The first factor important for making your golf swing perfect is the angle of the clubface when it impacts with the ball. The angle of the clubface at the time of impact is an important factor that influences the direction of the ball and the spin. The clubface should face the direction of the target you choose. When the clubface is perpendicular to the ball and is straight at the time of impact, then the ball will travel straight but without spin.

2. The second factor at the time of impact is the clubhead’s angle with relation to the ball. There is a vertical angle and a horizontal angle of impact, both are combined to determine the height of the ball’s flight and the initial direction of it. The vertical angle is important; if your shot makes the ball fly too low or too high, you can lose the distance of your target.

3. The third factor is that the clubface must hit the ball on the sweet spot. Sweet spot is the region on the golf ball that transfers the power of your swing to the ball. Hitting the right spot will transfer the power effectively and will carry the ball far and straight to the target.

4. The fourth and the last factor which affects your golf swing is the club head. The speed of your golf swing determines how much power will be transferred to the ball. The speed of the ball depends on hitting the sweet spot and the power of your golf swing. Another important point is your body’s flexibility and the way your muscles create a smooth swing.

The golf swing does not depend on power; it’s not just picking a club and using your full power to shoot the golf ball down the course. By combining the above factors required for that perfect golf swing and knowing what makes your shots gain accuracy and distance; making adjustments to your swing and practicing it; you will eventually improve your game to a new level!


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