Removing Popcorn Ceiling

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When it comes to remodeling home or just improving it, many of us would want someone else to do it; especially when it comes to removing popcorn ceiling. It gets discouraging to put all energy and time to improve certain parts of the house like the ceiling. However, taking help from a professional for removing popcorn ceiling is not always a better option.

The main reason for choosing a professional for removing popcorn ceiling is your safety and health issue. Not all popcorn ceilings are the same; the earlier versions of popcorn ceiling were found with traces of asbestos. Asbestos is a common substance proven to cause cancer. This makes removing popcorn ceiling dangerous, letting a professional do this part is suggested. A professional knows how to test the ceiling for asbestos and can remove it by using proper equipment or they can also make suggestions if you are looking to removing popcorn ceiling on your own. You can easily test for asbestos but you will need proper equipment to remove it, without damaging other things in the room. When disturbed, asbestos from old structures can get airborne and asbestos exposure can cause fatal health conditions.

If you think your popcorn ceiling is from the early 70’s, then I suggest you remove a small piece of it and send it for testing. If asbestos is not found in the ceiling then you can go for removing popcorn ceiling on your own or else take help from some professional.

Popcorn ceilings are mostly made up of chalk, aggregate and clay. You have to wet it to remove it, which can turn it into a soft gooey substance and you can easily mess up things in the room. With a little preparation you can be safe from the mess, as it is not an easy task. The first thing to do is to remove everything possible from the room. You can use thick plastic sheets to protect the floor and other things in the room; you can also use newspapers on the floor which will help in soaking the wet mess when removing popcorn ceiling.

Use a spray bottle to wet the popcorn ceiling completely. Let it soak water for sometime, then again use spray water bottle to wet it. After a few minutes when the ceiling is wet and totally saturated, use a scrapper tool to scrape the wet saturated part of your ceiling. You can also use drywall-finishing knife, it will help a lot in scrapping the gooey mess. Hold a bucket under where you are scrapping to catch most of the mess removed from the popcorn ceiling. Work in small parts of the ceiling and keep on spraying water. Keep on repeating this process until the popcorn ceiling is completely removed. After removing popcorn ceiling completely, use a wet sponge to wipe off any residue remaining on the ceiling. This makes your task of removing popcorn ceiling complete with out any mess and safely.

Even though there is a lot of work, mess and possible health hazard involved, popcorn ceiling is not exactly trendy anymore and most homeowners want to replace it. Just follow the above instructions carefully and removing popcorn ceiling should not be a hassle anymore.


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