Delhi Scottish School: Exploring a New World of Knowledge

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Away from the hustle bustle of Delhi’s city life, Delhi Scottish School stands as a beautiful embodiment and consists of an ideal atmosphere for the overall development of the children. The school is also meant to cater the ever-burgeoning expectations of the urban children. The school is located at Greater Noida which is about 10 kilometers from Delhi and is well-connected to all the parts of Noida and Delhi. With the dawn of 21st century, the Delhi Scottish School looks forward to molding these little minds to face the challenges ahead. The school carries the mission to light up the world with the ever-radiating lamp of education.

Delhi Scottish School is a co-educational English medium school with a day boarding facility. It is a residential school that has classes from nursery till senior secondary level. The well educated staff of the school is dedicated towards developing every aspect of children and ensures that their development is complete. The school offers all the facilities to fulfill physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual needs of the children. The school also has a specific strategy of development and growth, based on innovation, relevance and social responsibility. Besides these objectives, the school also enables the children to develop life values and vocational skills. Thus it ensures that the children have the ability to apply their knowledge effectively.

In this modern age, everything is rapidly changing. Keeping pace with this modern world, Delhi Scottish School always upgrades its education level by implementing new methodologies. It has a beautiful campus with residential feature. The new building has modern class rooms, a well-equipped science laboratory, an Art room, and a music room. The staff members of the school are experienced and well trained in providing a safe, supportive and caring environment in which every child is cherished and through a wide and balanced curriculum, is encouraged to achieve their potential in different fields.

To sustain a healthy environment in the school, CCTV cameras are used through which the principal constantly monitors the activities of the children, teachers, other staff members and outsiders. Under the guidance of a dietician, the weekly menu is prepared for both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Students. A beautiful library in the campus adds to the enrichment of the institution. Books on varied subjects are available for the students to develop the art of reading and to inculcate the habit of self study through the reference materials available.


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