Acer Notebook Computer Review

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Acer Computer Review

Last year I bought a Acer Computer and I would like to share my review on the product. Starting with the price, I think Acer computers the cheapest available in the market and thus you won’t be getting stylish or very trendy notebooks with Acer.

SO let me make it clear that Acer computers are just an ordinary notebook with basic features. I had bought my notebook for some 700 dollars and for a year it worked fined. With a 3.0 Gz dual core processor and 1 GB of ram, the processing was actually good but the problem was the key boards which would stop functioning often and I would have to visit the service center. Besides the service provider by Acer computer isn’t something to be proud of. Actually I had to wait for days before my notebook keyboards were repaired under warranty.

I actually changed three keyboards during my warranty period (not that I haven’t used laptop before) and now after one year it is almost useless with my motherboard blown. Since the warranty is over I could use the authorized service center for Acer and local computer technicians are demanding 150-200 $ for repairing the motherboard, which I personally feel is insane. I tried using the authorized service center for Acer computer and was shocked to hear about their service charges. 350 dollars for getting a notebook repaired is truly bizarre and I had to run away from there as well.

Acer computer are cheap but they aren’t durable and you are likely to face similar problems especially the keyboard problems. The Acer computer keyboards are extremely delicate and you will have to use it with extreme care if you don’t want to visit the service center often.

After reading my Acer Computer Review, do think twice before going for Acer products. Instead of wasting money on Acer computer go for a slightly higher range of notebook from Dell or Sony, at least it will be worth the money spend on it. I am thinking of buying a new notebook next month and definitely Ace computer would be the last choice I would opt for.ct


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