Antara Gange

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Anthargange is a hill range situated near the city of Bangalore. The rocky hills are a haven for trekkers and adventurous travelers. The range is situated in the district of Kolar in Karnataka and is approximately 70 kms from Bangalore. Volcanic rock formations and its numerous cave systems are the main tourist attractions of the Anthargange range. Numerous caves and rocky outcrops will keep any traveler busy with exploration. There are also a few temples and religious sites for the spiritually inclined. 

Since the hill range is situated only 70 kms from Bangalore, day trips is the best option. The excellent road network to Kolar and the scenic drive make it worth the visit. For the more daring traveler, activities such as rappelling, high rope traversing, caving and trekking are available. 

Anthargange has many natural springs and the weather is generally very pleasant. For the seasoned traveler, a night time camping experience might be an option. However fires cannot be lit as it is wooded area. Overall Anthargange is an excellent place for a day trip; however the traveler has to be prepared for an exhausting trek, which is sure to be an exhilarating experience despite the physical effort.

Situated at an altitude of 1712m Anthargange has mild weather throughout the year. It has three mains seasons – summer and winter and monsoon season. Summer season may experience higher temperatures and travelers might find it uncomfortable. The months of March to May comprise the summer season. Temperature ranges from 22 to 37 degrees Celsius. Day temperatures are higher, however mornings and evenings are considerably cooler. 

Rainfall can be expected during the winter months from December to February. Temperatures are lower during the winter month and range from 19 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius. It might be advisable to carry protective clothing as it may become cold during the night. 

The best time to visit Anthargange is from October to March. During the month of may pre-monsoon rainfall can be expected. Both the North -East monsoon as well as the South-west monsoon affects the range. 

South –west monsoon season is from to June to September and the North-East monsoon season is from October to November. Monsoon season may not be a good time to visit as there is limited protection from the rain. There are a few villages in the range, however they are scattered.


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