Living Healthy: Why Avoiding Sick Doesn’t Really Work

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Is a life without joy worth living? We should all be able to live and enjoy our life, but sometimes fear gets in the way preventing us from having that great and interesting life we deserve. We are afraid we might become poor, we are afraid we might become sick, we are afraid we might lose love, hopefully we still have head on our shoulders to get us quickly and painlessly back to the comfort zone, all the while we are afraid we neglect to enjoy that what we have today.

Being sick is not exactly fun, we feel miserable, we infect everybody around us at home and at work, we keep infecting each other over and over again, we remain sick for a long time unable to do all the exciting things we would really like to do, we have dull, painful time instead. Rightly we may feel a bit irritated, even angry when we spot a sick person in our midst. We shun the sick the best we can, we try to preserve our fragile health. Before offending anybody with such attitude consider for a second how crucial to your life is this incident, certainly if the person sneezing next to you in the elevator was infected with black plague you would be totally justified in your behavior and should most definitely avoid such life threatening situations and persons, but most often you will encounter sick people suffering from very curable, mild, overall innocuous conditions, if contagious at all.

Don’t be hasty to offend anybody, life is a funny thing, you might depend one day on the person you have just offended. This will not work in your favor. Take a moment to think, don’t over react, don’t waste your energy, don’t disturb your mind over a nuisance, the only thing you may succeed in is actually making yourself sick.

What should you do if you get sick easily? First of all you should improve your diet, stop consuming sugar, candy, pastry and other sweet products. You must exercise regularly. And, most importantly, you must stop stressing about things that don’t really matter. As a matter of fact you should stop stressing altogether! Being stressed doesn’t help you to solve problems. Learn relaxation techniques, explore the art of meditation, let your body and mind heal. Stop running from sick people, they are beneficial to your immune system which needs challenges to get stronger, the immune system needs viruses and bacteria, provided of course they are not life threatening.

Learn to solve problems rather than being worried and stressed over them. Identify the worrying thought, think, take steps to resolve the situation. It may not always be an immediate solution, it may take years to solve some problems, but outlining the plan of action and sticking with it will move the worrying thought out of your mind. You don’t need to think about it any longer, you have the plan, you should execute it on autopilot. Having a plan of action for every problem and worrying thought and executing it on autopilot will free your mind and body so it can grow stronger and cleverer.


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