How Can Sales Outsourcing Help You?

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Field marketing is comprised of a number of different facets. One of the major aspects of field marketing that you may not know much about, but could substantially help your business, is sales outsourcing. So what exactly is sales outsourcing, and how could it help you?

Full sales outsourcing is essentially when companies hire a third party, often a field marketing company, to represent their brand. This not only allows the third party to rapidly bring in their own handpicked staff, who are fully trained and have the specific knowledge required for that particular assignment, but it also provides a shared accountability between business and third party.

Shared accountability means that the third party have a responsibility to deliver good results in terms of sales and a general increased sense of positivity around the brand they are representing. In this sense the outsourcing team are an extension of their client, thus they have a responsibility to share the same goals and company beliefs as the client.

Using a sales outsourcing team has often be seen to be cheaper than spending time and money hiring a full sales team yourself. However, this isn’t the main incentive behind using a sales outsourcing team. The main incentive is that through the professional knowledge of the outsourcing team, your company’s revenue will increase. There is also a sense of flexibility when deciding to use sales outsourcing. The length of the contract can be however long you want, whereas if you were to employ your own staff you might be expected to employee them for longer than you need their services.

So what exactly do field marketing companies do? Field marketing companies will dedicate weeks of their time to solely focus upon your company and how to improve your sales margins. This planning will often then culminate in a public event, which could last for a day or several weeks depending on what you want to achieve. If a supermarket were to use a field marketing company, then the field marketers may hire a team of samplers to work alongside the existing supermarket employees. They would then measure the results to see if by using samplers, shoppers changed their buying habits.

What is important to remember when considering if you want to use a sales outsourcing team, is that although they will present you with statistics and figures, these figures represent very real results, delivered in practical ways. They are, of course, experts in their fields. But they are also outsiders, and can thus offer a fresh perspective on the way your business is run. Sales outsourcing therefore has a multitude of benefits, and is perhaps something to seriously consider before your next marketing meeting.


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