The Myth Of 101 Ways To Market Your Website

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“101 Ways To Market Your Website” is the title of a book found at a cheap publisher’s outlet in town for about three quid and purchased out of interest.

So, we sat down with a cup of coffee and worked our way through the index, see what these people thought was useful, and if there was something new there.

Extraordinarily enough, in my past 10 years on the net, I’ve done EVERY SINGLE ONE of those!

EVERY single one. And some of them, I could have added another 12 chapters on top of what was in the book.

Question. If I actually really do know how to do that web thing so very thoroughly (and it appears that I actually really and practically do!), then why don’t I have 9 billion visitors per second?

The answer is simple.

EVERY ONE of these 101 ways TAKES IMMENSE INVESTMENT IN TIME – IF you’re going to do it right and get it to a point where it actually works well enough to really start generating that mysteriously elusive web traffic for your site.

Let’s just take a single one for example, the autoresponder, in all its glory.

Even if we leave out the time spent learning the software, soliciting ads, writing the content, if you really, REALLY did that thoroughly, with a number of multiple chained autoresponders with thousands or tens of thousands of subscribers on each one, the sign up pages, advertising the sign up pages, keeping the whole thing up to date and dealing with the correspondence this generates, the trouble shooting, unsubscriptions, and everything else, you would end up doing NOTHING ELSE ALL DAY – and have a full working week.

And that is just ONE item on a “101” item list.

The same holds true for EVERYTHING.

To really build, use, police, update, enlarge and maintain a top class directory, a 40 hour working week by ONE SINGLE PERSON with their computer is taken up, just with that and ONLY that.

To run, police, advertise and expand a popular forum is yet the same again.

To produce an exciting, content rich, constantly up to date blog that brings in followers and sales, yup, it’s a full time task.

To produce, maintain, advertise and run a really good ezine does exactly the same again.

So does “article marketing” with its multiple submissions, updates, multiple directory listings, authors bios, and so forth.

And so does “newsgroup marketing” once again.

Want to try your hand at running a good affiliate programme?

How about keyword optimising each and every page of your website with content alignment, meta tags, robot instructions, and maintaining this with feedback on your listings in various search engines to keep in the top ten as the fashions change radically overnight?

Perhaps a multiple placement dedicated banner advertising campaign with feedback statistic adjustments?

Really get into Google adwords and maintain, track, fine tune and keep it perfectly up to date in response to your competitors and customers?


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