6 Rules To Lose Weight – Tips Simple, Easy And Useful to Lose Weight Quickly

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I do not need to make a list, but it is to think to have a strong motivation. It’s like to want to quit, without good reasons, it is difficult to follow a program to lose whatever little by little excess weight! What follows in this article are simple but important tips hyper to follow to be successful in your decision to lose weight.

1) Drink a lot more cash!

Drink enough water (1.5 to 2 liters per day) helps to eliminate toxins, hydrates the body and reduces hunger. The stomach is filled with no calories at the same time avoiding having the desire to eat something! You do not like plain water? So drink herbal teas, green tea, lemon juice and especially do not add sugar!

2) Reduce fat / Change your way of cooking

Of course, you knew! But the question is: are you really ready (e) to change the way you cook? In a practical way to reduce the amount of fat absorbed to cook you have to think differently, otherwise you will not want to follow this advice. Try to integrate the kitchen with steam for example. Use more olive oil.

3) Increase the number of meals

I am not telling you to eat more! On the contrary, decrease the amount of food at each meal and between the three main meals, fill your hunger with fruit for example.

4) Do some more exercises

You do not like sport? I do not mean that! The simple act of walking will help you considerably more to lose weight fast. Each day, take a short walk from 15 to 20 minutes. If you can, accelerate the steps to sweat more and drink water …!

5) Do not eat too much sugar

Do you like cakes? There is nothing wrong with that! But be sure to reduce the frequency with which you eat these delicacies from the sky! For example, if you are used every day (e) to eat a cake, eat it every other day. Do not drink any soda. Do not add sugar in your tea or coffee or very little!

6) Set yourself reasonable goals

It is no use running, you must leave on time! You know this classic is not it? The idea is that if you need to lose 8 kg (this is an example, nothing more), but gradually lost them once and for all! If you rush to want to lose them too quickly, there are great chances that you will never ultimately not stabilize your weight as you want, you will be disappointed and discouraged !


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