Choosing Your Bathroom Tile

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From a functional point of view, it is advisable to move towards branded products of superior quality. In this regard, the stoneware tiles provide the best properties in terms of strength, durability and ease of maintenance, very important aspect especially in a room where cleaning is frequent and abrasive as in a bathroom. The cost per square meter higher compared to single-fired tiles, has a very limited overall impact in a room like the bathroom, whose surface is often limited: it is not worth saving a few hundred euros at the end find themselves with poor quality tiles which will tend to deteriorate and age in a relatively short time.

On the aesthetic point of view, the market offers countless solutions to suit all tastes. The current trend is towards minimalism and stylish tiling, often playing on bright-matte effects, and available in neutral colors and often elusive ivory, gray and beige. It is still important to try to get a clear idea of ​​what the market offers: Sometimes we prefer to think a certain way simply because we do not know what he is different on the market . You can search on the Internet, check with dealers and do not limit yourself to traditional tiles: you will find amazing styles, such as tiles aspects of wood, cement, textile or leather, not to mention all sorts stone.


Ceramic tiles in recent years has evolved so that today the lines have been enriched by many diverse formats. The classic format 20×20 is now practically abandoned and absent from the collections of the most modern and sought after.
The rectangular formats, such as x45 or 30×60 22.5 are quite elegant and suitable for laying on the ground and the wall.

In general, the trend looks to increase the size of the tiles, even for small areas like the bathroom, a trend reinforced by the fact that it now seeks to create an atmosphere consistent and simple by choosing the same tile for floor and wall.


For installation, it is best to contact an expert. The installation of orthogonal type is more likely at the expense of installing diagonal was nevertheless very popular in recent years. The installation type is orthogonal to lay the tiles parallel to the walls of the room. Tiles minimalist style and good dimensions are enhanced by better seals a small thickness (2 mm in all cases are more than enough) and the same color as the tile.

It is always best to use a expoert for installation. It makes sense to draw a detailed diagram of installation and understandable and to supervise the work to ensure that the installation is done as desired.


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