7 Reasons Why Most Blogs Fail

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As I said in one of my articles, the first cause of our failures in life is ourselves and our way of thinking. I’ve seen people come and go very quickly by saying, “it’s not really for me ….” Remember that we do not fail because we can not succeed, but simply because we’re doing it wrong.
Blogging like any other activity takes time, labor, method, and a healthy state of mind. I have not started my blog with the intention of making money or becoming a professional blogger. I have become over time. I suggest you find some mistakes that many bloggers on the web.
1.Blogger with an emphasis on money and not passion
Blogs generally target a specific market, which is why there are so many and why the word “niche” is always associated with them. When your target market is a group of people passionate about something, it is easier to determine whether you blog out of passion or just there for money.
People do not just come to your blog in search of free information, but also to belong to something, a community where they can share a passion and a common interest. Nobody wants to be part of something that is not genuine. It is easier to hear people say they liked your last item to hear them say they liked your latest product. If you want to succeed in blogging, even if your ultimate goal is to generate money, think about creating a”community”and not”a”supermarket
2. Little concern for the”key words”
Even today, I see many people waste time targeting specific keywords without even knowing whether their work will bear fruit. Do you write so that we read your keywords or we read your content? So remember to write interesting content and informative.
In addition today, are not the keywords that are searched but key phrases.
Keyword: silver
Key words: how to make money online
I agree with you that one must use keywords related to the subject of the article, but I also believe that you should not waste a lot of time available to them. Many people apply these formulas, yet all have the same”place”in the results of search engines, which means that in addition to keywords, other factors are equally important be taken into account. For me, what matters is the quality of content. I write with my heart and not my head.
3.Refuser to invest in his project or his leisure
“Learning to make your own camera will take a lot longer than if you buy a” Thierry Bertrand.
Your success depends on you and your way of thinking. Most people who start online want to earn quick money online, but unfortunately are not often willing to invest every penny in their work.
Create and manage a blog that brings a lot of time, knowledge, money and sacrifice. Yes, you can do it alone, but it will take a long time and will also lose a lot of money. SEO – Writing and publishing articles – social networks – management of subscribers or readers – etc … there are so many thing to do for one person, and 24H are proving woefully inadequate.
If you want your work to advance much more quickly, consider investing a minimum in a skilled workforce.


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