How to Succeed in Everything You Want?

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The reason may be physical, if not the most high, see the most beautiful are those which would have the greatest success.

Now, where is the difference?

Well, simply in the head!
Yes the difference is only just mental.

We know that we hear every time we follow, for example, a sports broadcast as a tennis match or golf tournament. When the commentator says: “At this stage of the competition is the one who has the mental strongest who wins the tournament.”

But when we hear these words, we measure the importance of what we just heard?

The commentator might as well have said: “At this stage of the competition is the one who will have the least fear of losing or who believes that winning the most will win.”

Whoever wins is the one who is confident of being capable. Point!
Too simple to be true do you think maybe.
Yet, remember every time you got something in life, you just decided to get it.

Let’s see some examples to see how it works, do you want?

You learned to walk, run, bike, etc..
But why did you started walking?
What a silly question, is not it!

And yet, why not have continued to crawl on four legs, eh?

You know the answer of course, because you always encouragement and example of your parents, the family moved to “two legs” and you wanted to emulate them.

And then it happened … boom on the back, again and again.
Say, what did you do, have you decided to stay 4 feet to stop from falling or have you persevered to succeed?

And when you started running, cycling, did you fall?
Have you hurt?
Yes, of course like everyone else.
Have you stopped running or cycling?

In all these situations you are asked you why you keep trying again and again?

Well for 3 reasons:

1. You had an intense desire to succeed.
2. In your head you were sure to get there.
3. In your close circle encouragement and success stories were many.

These three factors have strongly contributed to your success.
What is interesting in all this is to note that this is not your strength or physical appearance that made the difference but your mental, your state of mind.

You had a mindset of a winner and you always, he wants to speak! The proof you read this, your mind drives you to do so he still wants to feel the joy that victory.

You can do everything you’ve always dreamed of doing, you really can! Up leaving the desire in you, you will feel able to do great things. To do this, like when you were a child, you need daily encouragement and success stories.


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