Natural Home Based Beauty Tips

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Now it is quite common to understand home based Beauty tips that will bring a lot of glow on your face for which one is always serious. In addition to this Home based beauty tips are free from harmful chemicals which are beneficial in preventing side effects.

1. Brighten dark elbows by rubbing them with a lemon half – it has a natural bleaching effect. Moisturise the skin after  

that to counteract the drying effect of the juice.

2. Soak nails in a bowl of olive oil once a week to strengthen them.

3. Apply mascara on your lashes before applying false ones to help them stick properly.

4. Natural make-up colours are a better investment than bright ones because they look great anytime and in any place.

5. Make powder eye shadow last longer and stay crease-free by dusting your eyelids with translucent powder first. It’ll absorb the oils from your skin and keep your make-up looking fresh.

6. Always use a moisturizing lipstick to prevent lips from drying out during the day and from becoming chapped. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, choose lipsticks with a sunscreen.

7. Lip liners are easier to sharpen if you put them in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

8. Try to use a face pack about once a week, but never too frequently or the skin will become dry and flaky.

9. To prevent a mascara wand from becoming too clogged, wash through with soapy water, rinse and leave to dry completely before using.

10 The best time to pluck your eyebrows is after a bath or shower when the hairs will come out much more easily.

11. Turn foundation into a tinted moisturizer by mixing it with a few drops of moisturizer on the back of your hand before applying. It’s the perfect base for summer.

12. Carry a spray bottle containing mineral water in your handbag to freshen up when you’re out and about.

13. While plucking your eyebrows, apply some concealer on the hair you want to remove – it’ll help you visualize the exact shape you want.

14. A drop of remover added to a bottle of dried nail polish will help revive it in a few seconds. Shake it well so that it is mixed thoroughly.

15. Store your make-up and fragrances in a cool dark place to extend their life span.

16. Add some water to the remains of a foundation to ensure that you use it completely.

17. Warm up your looks by dusting a little blusher over your temples, chin, and the tip of your nose as well as your cheeks.

18. Make your lip gloss look sophisticated by applying just a dot in the centre of the lower lip. This will make your lips look full and glamorous.

19. Lip liners are easier to sharpen if you put them in the fridge for about 30 minutes beforehand.

20. If you’ve run out of liquid eyeliner, dip a thin brush into your mascara and apply in the same way. It works perfectly.

21. Try a light shimmery eye shadow in beige just under your brow bone to draw attention to your eyes.


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