Tokens of Love

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Look, we all know that men and women are not created equal. And there are times when that’s a feminine advantage. After al, we all enjoy getting a shower of gifts. Yes, it does help to keep the fires of love burning bright. So, on Valentine’s Day when love gets a leg-up, what should men be doing for the lady of their lives?

Rewind a couple of years and the only presents that you could possibly lay your hands on were boxes of chocolates and mushy greeting cards – which were functional but failed to cut a dash. Now there are options galore. Men can woo their bells in style with anything from stunning jewellery pieces and sensuous body pampering products to exquisitely crafted handbags and fragrance. They were hand made; created by the young men to give to their sweethearts and in some instances were given by soldiers and sailors before they went abroad in case they were to die. And if you possess a big heart (make that deep pockets), you can add that final flourish to a Valentine’s Day date with dinner at a city hotel or a swish restaurant. After all, love is not what you’re expecting to get – only what you’re expecting to give!

Gifts are the best way to express all you feel on any special occasion. From marking an important anniversary to just expressing a simple, yet deep feeling—a gift does it all. Some of the places in the city that will help you express what you feel in the best possible way. So, if you feel you are one of a kind, a unique, wonderful person, grasp the Love Token in your hands and let the others see the “real” you.

Valentines Day is the perfect time of year to treat you to these quirky Love Tokens. By using the love tokens you can be as romantic as you wish, using the pewter discs to set romantic promises. You can use the love tokens straight away, or save them up to play one at a time, with each of the love tokens representing an indulgent pampering for your partner.


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