Natural Solutions And Home Remedies For Your Beauty Problems

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A good collection of make-up brushes, sponges and curlers help in bringing out the make-up artiste in you. The must-haves in your make-up kit are a make-up sponge, powder brush, blusher brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow tweezers, eyelash brush-cum-comb, lip brush and eyelash curlers. A make-up sponge is one of the primary components of your make-up kit. It is best to have a wedge shaped make-up sponge, so that you can use the finger edges of the sponge to help blend the foundation into your nose and jaw line, while the flatter edges are great for the cheeks, forehead and chin.

Use a powder brush each time you put on make-up. Go for a large and soft brush which will dust away excess make-up. This way you won’t end up with a caked-up look.

Use a blusher brush to impart glow to your skin. A blusher brush is slightly smaller than a powder brush which makes it easier to control.

An eye shadow brush will help smoothen lumps of eye shadow. Eyebrow tweezers are essential as they help you define your eyebrows. An all-in-one eyelash brush-cum-comb is great for combing through your lashes between coats of mascara for a clean finish. Flip the comb over and use the brush to align your eyebrows or soften sharply defined brows. Eyelash curlers, as the name suggests, help you to curl those lashes. Curlier eyelashes make your eyes pop and add drama to your look. A lip brush will help to create a perfect outline for your lips so that you can apply your lipstick without the fear of smudging. So go ahead, and get the perfect look!

You want to use mousse or anti-frizz products for your hair. Which products should you use?

Use a deep cleansing detox shampoo which is designed to minimize residues on the hair stands. The best styling product for your hair is serum. Serums come in liquid or spray formulas and are mostly silicone based. They add shine and gloss, no matter what your hair type is. They’re best for normal to dry hair. It is advisable to apply serum on towel-dried hair. Once the hair is dry, add a little bit more for extra shine. But don’t go overboard. If you use more than a couple of drops of serum, your hair will instantly become limp, heavy and greasy. Apply a small amount after conditioning your hair. Too much serum will weigh your hair down. You should also apply a conditioner regularly. It not only imparts gloss, but also protects the hair from further damage caused by heated appliances and exposure to sun.


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