How to Whiten Your Skin With 4 Natural Home Remedies

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Ultraviolet, dust and particles, make up residues and environment pollution have turning skin to dark and dull. In order to return to glossy and white, whitening products are swarming the markets. However, if you have budget or want the best for your skin which is completely natural, you might want to consider the following methods.

  • Milk whitening

Milk is rich in vitamin A, B12, vitamin D, vitamin K, calcium and protein that body needs. Milk is good for moisturizing skin.

Ingredients:  A small cup of milk.

How to do it:

Steam your face first to open up your skin pores. Dip your facial cotton into the milk and apply on your face for 15 minutes.  Then, wash your face.

                What effect on your skin:

Use it persistently or whenever you are free while watching your favourite TV shows or taking a nap. In some times, you shall see the differences. Your skin is softer and skin tones are even. Snow white will shy away from your presence.

  • Aloe Vera whitening

Aloe Vera is the goodness for all types of skin especially sensitive skin. It is full of vitamin, helps soothing irritating skin and keeping the skin moisturizing. Aloe Vera is a famous anti irritant on skin and nose and it is a wonderful healing agent to heal the wound. Aloe Vera is known to generate healthy cell growth and repair damaged tissues.

Ingredient:  Aloe Vera, cucumber, ¼ egg white, 2-3 gram of pearl powder, flour (as paste).

How to do it:

Clean and remove aloe Vera’s thorns, then put it into the blender with cucumber. Later, pour the juice into bowl, put in egg white, pearl powder and flour to mix together.  Make sure the paste does not flow like water.

Clean your face first, put the paste on your face and let it dry.  Wash it after it dry and put on your regular lotion. Do it once or twice a week.

What effect on your skin:

It will form a thin crust on your skin which protects your skin after sunburn and irritation.

  • Vegetables whitening

Vegetables are good for our body. It provides vitamin to our digest system and immune system. Whitening skin can also be done with careful selection of food. Using this method, you are not only having healthy body, digest system but also beautiful skin.

Ingredients: Green chili, cucumber, ¼ bitter gourd, celery, green apple.

How to do it: Put all the ingredients into blender and drink it.

What effect on your skin:

This natural recipe for consuming is a healthy juice. Vegetables are full with sufficient vitamin C which is absolutely good for skin.

  • Vegetables and fruits whitening


 Lemons, apple, bananas all skin peeled or any of your fruits choice. 

How to do it:

Put them into blender, add egg white, and mix them well to become a paste, apply on your face and neck. Watch it away with clean water after 20 minutes.

What effect on your skin:

This vegetables and fruits mask can whiten and supply water to your skin. It is a great mask especially during hot and dry day or when you are traveling in the tropic.


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