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With this in mind, I have done some research, spoken to entrepreneurs and asked friends for their success stories. Here is one real money making idea that you could copy or adapt for your own profit.

This person makes and sells leather pork pie hats. It all started when he couldn’t find a good quality hat at a reasonable price so decided to try to make his own. After a little trial and error, he had a good quality hat that impressed his friends so much that he decided to make a few more and try to sell them. Within two months he had sold out and made some more, which also sold very quickly. He repeated the process and soon had a thriving and growing part-time business that was starting to compete with his regular job.

Just nineteen short months after making his first hat, he quit his job to concentrate full-time on his new business, rented a small workshop and has never looked back. He now works around thirty hours per week and has an average weekly net profit of around £650 and growing. He has also started to make and sell other leather goods and now supplies two quality online outlets, which he expects will take his profits to around £1000 per week very soon. He sells his products online, at local fairs and by word of mouth and regularly takes orders from around the world.

Anybody could do this, why not you? All it takes is a simple idea and a little determination to succeed. I would suggest looking for quality items that command higher selling prices, people are always prepared to pay for quality. If you do not like the idea of making things to sell, you could source local crafts people to do that and you could then concentrate on selling and building a successful business. Many rich entrepreneurs started their business activities this way. All it takes is a little thought and a bit of research and you could soon make enough money to give up the day job.

I really believe that there is nothing difficult about money making, all it takes is the right idea and action. Take action today and get the life you want.


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