Why Do People Choose Electric Heating?

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Electric heating is one of the most popular types of heating available today. In the areas where natural gas or propane is not available, electricity becomes one of the easiest sources of heat. The advantages of electric heat are numerous, that’s why so many people choose it.

1. Low costs

The first and the main reason why people choose electric heating is low capital and installation costs. It doesn’t require any pipework, that’s why it can be installed really fast. Besides low installation costs electric heaters are 100% efficient at the point of use, which means that all the electricity used is converted into heat, unlike those systems where energy is wasted.

2. Long life expectancy

Another reason why people choose electric heating is long life expectancy of the system. An electric heat system has virtually no moving parts, that’s why most systems can be expected to last for 15 years or even more.

3. Safety and reliability

Safety is always important, no matter what type of heating a person chooses. Electric heating is considered a safe system because electric heaters don’t burn fuel internally to generate heat and there are no safety risks, such as carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions. Apart from that, electric heaters are reliable because there are virtually no moving parts that can wear out or break down.

4. Flexibility and versatility

Electric heating doesn’t require any pipework or flue, that’s why there are no restrictions on building layout, design and planning issues regarding the positioning of flues; electric heaters can be installed virtually anywhere in the room. Their versatility is another advantage that attracts a lot of people these days; electricity is available in almost any part of the world and is ideal in sensitive areas or in listed buildings where structural alterations are difficult.

5. Environmental health benefits

A great number of people prefer electric heating because of the environmental advantages. Storage based electric systems provide continuous heat for the whole day, maintaining a consistent temperature in the building fabric, which helps to eliminate any long term building maintenance problems.

6. Control and comfort

Modern electric heaters feature sensitive integral thermostatic controls, the accuracy of which allows rapid response to sudden changes in room temperature. This ensures that the electric heater outputs are quickly increased or reduced to keep a consistent room temperature.

7. No maintenance and annual inspection

Heating system maintenance adds significantly to the overall costs of the system running. In comparison with other systems, electric heating doesn’t require any annual safety check.

To cut a long story short, electric heating is really popular with people all over the world. Besides low installation costs, long life expectancy, safety and reliability, electric heaters are flexible, versatile and easy to control. They maintenance and annual inspection procedures are minimal. Besides, there are obvious benefits for the environment. With natural gas prices soaring and uncertainty in its future availability, electric heat systems are preferred by those who need an efficient heating system and look for environmentally friendly alternative to gas central heating.


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