How to Become A Successful Entrepreneur Through Dogged Determination

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Often times the difference between success and failure in business can be boiled down to one word; persistence. It’s the dogged determination and persist-ency of action that can take you form average to professional almost overnight. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, read this short story and learn the secret.

I have an English bulldog…her name is Lil’ Tank. She may not be the smartest dog on the planet but she sure can sell. Let me explain.

Lil’ Tank loves to play fetch with a ball. Not just any ball. It has to be her FAVORITE ball – which seems to change every few days. Anyway, she loves it when I throw the ball…she retrieves it…and then will not let me take it from her. I can tug and pull all I want but that ball is not coming out of her mouth. Now, if I ignore her for a few minutes she’ll let go of the ball and nudge it towards me. If I continue to ignore she nudges a little further. If I continue to ignore her she’ll whine and drop it on my lap then whine some more until I throw it.

If I am sitting outside by our small pond she’ll repeatedly (I mean 20 or 30 times) drop the ball up stream only to let it float downstream as she eagerly waits for its arrival. All the while whining, begging, pleading for me to get it out of the water for her.

This little game of hers has continued for two years, every day. She eagerly waits for the opportunity to utilize here “selling skill” to get me to play ball. She’ll nudge, she’ll whine, she’ll coax and bat her eyes when she has to. All this in order to “sell” me on throwing the ball just one more time.

How does this little story of my dog help you?

I could teach you selling techniques, closing skills or even script out your presentation for you. But, unless you apply never ending persistence and a dogged determination…all the skills in the world won’t make you a successful entrepreneur.

I’ll take the stubborn, persistent, determined salesperson that’s green and rough around the edges over the slick “professional” that’s got it all figured out any day of the week. Give me someone who is willing to overcome obstacles and outwork the competition – and is persistent – and I’ll show you a winner every time. You see, you can always work on the technical skills of selling and success. You can always teach someone the “how to”, the “why to” and the “what for”. It’s much harder to teach the concept of being persistent in the face of challenge. To become a successful entrepreneur…it’s a skill worth learning.

The economic news has not been very bright lately. In fact, things may not improve for years to come. But one thing is for sure. Combine a pinch of smarts with a pound persistence and you’ll be the winner no matter what the circumstances.

Not must you only posses the skills necessary, but you must also persist, like a dog, until you get the results you want. And THAT’S how you become a successful entrepreneur.


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