The Advantages of Playing Hula Hoop

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Whether I am right or not, but I see that nowadays hula hoop starts to be popular again just like few years ago. When I was only a little child, children in my city used to play hula hoop with their peer. However, when they grow up, they hardly play it.

It is likely that my friends, I, and other parents at that time considered hula hoop as a kid’s toy only. It could give pleasant feeling toward children who successfully play it. Just it. Then, when children transform into a teenager, hula hoop is put backward because in my city hula hoop is only for children. Adults who play hula hoop are considered a kid. I still remember when I was a teenager—it was ten years ago—little kids in my city did not count hula hoop in their game list.

Time after time, the existence of hula hoop was threatened by the emergence of other modern toys, specifically game based on technology such as robots, play stations, game in phone celluler, and so on. Because hula hoop came first before today’s game stuff and is considered traditional, many people think that hula hoop is not appropriate enough for modern children.

However, today people in my city seem try to promote the re-emergence of hula hoop. It is proven by the fact that hula hoop is almost provided in all rattan stores. It seems that right now people are interested in hula hoop playing. Moreover, people are more aware with the advantages of hula hoop practice: besides giving fun, seen from health side hula hoop is beneficial for people playing it. According to the health experts, playing hula hoop for fifteen minutes is equivalent to running or jogging for two kilometers. So, it can make us healthy because it can burn calories in the body just like other sports do. It does not matter if people then categorize playing hula hoop into one kind of sports. It is awesome, isn’t it?

Due to its amazing advantages, at the present not only children, but also adults play hula hoop. Furthermore, hula hoop is so cheap that everybody can afford it. Thus, for you who never play it, don’t you want to try it?

Happy trying 


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