Dance The Night Away!

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Imagine close knit quarters where everyone is bunched in together. Some people are drunk, some not, and some just tipsy. Everyone is dancing to the rhythm of the music and absolutely enjoying every minute. It is getting hot and sweaty, but no one minds…they are simply there to dance and have fun doing so. Nobody is expecting to go home that night, but instead passing out where they fall whether from exhaustion…or other means.

Now, did you think of a dance club where there is loud techno music and chick grinding on guys?

What I am talking about is something entirely different. The music is slow…at more of a walking tempo most of the time. Bodies close, moving as one, but there isn’t necessarily any grinding going on. People are letting the music be more than background music, they are letting it be a part of their dancing, a part of how they move, a part of their soul. Every sound and every beat can be felt between the two partners, growing in intensity and diminishing to almost nothing, as the music does

This is the essence of Blues dancing. Not many people have heard of it, much less tried it. Blues is a much more sensual experience, a bond between two partners, even for more than just the length of the song. Blues dancing is freeing in a way that other types of dance are not. And believe it or not, blues dancing is starting to sweep across the nation.

There are blues exchanges and workshops that happen in Portland, Oregon; Denver, Colorado; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and many places in California; Austin, Texas; and several other places across the U.S. These don’t happen in large spaces, but rather in smaller, more intimate settings, where one is forced to get to know everyone. Two people from opposite sides of the country become close friends when they wouldn’t have even met if it wasn’t for these dances. It is true that all dance brings people together, but blues takes it to the next level. Bonds, friendships, and true relationships are formed due to the amazing power of blues dance.

Here I am adding a few links to different videos of blues dancing:


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