Five Top Tricks To Warm Up A Cold Room

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Our old house is north-facing and it gets very cold, even in the summer months.. We have had heating installed but some rooms still seem to lack that cosy feeling. Here are a few tried and tested tricks that have come in handy for making the place seem warmer .

  1. Decorate in warm colours. Choose paints or wallpapers that belong to the warm end of the spectrum like red, pink, peach or colours that are a blend ,like purple. Wallpaper generally has a warmer ‘feel’ than paint but it can be expensive, so consider maybe covering just one feature wall and painting the rest in a matching or contrasting colour. Remember that light colours seem further away from you than dark , so if you want to create a cosy feel maybe paint one feature wall in a warmer , darker colour than you might otherwise choose.

  1. Upgrade your curtains. Heavier curtains look cosy and keep more heat in the room. Again cost is a factor, so consider lining your existing curtains or sew two co-ordinating pairs back to back. Think about using fabric dye to alter the look of very pale curtains and make them a slightly darker colour, as this also makes the room seem warmer.

  1. Make clever use of soft furnishings .Scatter cushions rugs and throws also warm a room. Use textures like faux fir or soft fluffy fabrics for the cushions and throws. Add a warm rug , even if you have carpet on the floor . These tactile fabrics feel warmer and you can wrap yourself in the throw while sitting on the sofa.

  1. Don’t forget to keep cold out . Put draught excluders at the base of doors and run some caulk around the window frames. Do make sure you leave enough air for ventilation though.

5. Using red light bulbs or shades on your lamps instantly makes a room seem warmer . Candles are another obvious way to too create an illusion of warmth but never leave candles unattended because of the fire risk.

All these ideas are cheaper than turning the heating up!


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