Air Beds In Todays Age

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The idea of an inflatable bed first came out in the fifties when people wanted to sleep on something other than the regular bed. Many manufacturers started experimenting and came up with several types of inflatable beds. Some used water to fill up the hollow chamber while others wanted air to serve that purpose. Some experimenting business houses even made an inflatable bed using liquid foam as the medium. Over a period of time only the air beds and the water beds seem to carry on the legacy of the inflatable beds. The others simply disappeared because they were not user friendly or because they required too much effort for an inflatable bed.

Why buy an air bed?

Think storage space and you know you have a winner in inflatable beds. They occupy minimum space, can be easily deflated and packed in a cupboard locked away until the calling for a bed comes. Inflatable beds are a convenience and comfort item. They look good, they feel good and can be packed away to be taken on vacations and travel with relative ease. Don’t stop there; think about a cold winter night and your need for a warm bed which stays warm all night long. An inflatable bed can be filled with warm air and it gives a very warm feeling all through the cold night. In fact many inflatable bed manufacturers now provide an in-built temperature controller in their products.

What other features make an inflatable bed an investment?

1) Many manufacturers of inflatable beds know that they have to deliver a great product for people to really believe in the comfort of an air bed. They make sure that the inflatable bed mattress is constructed of heavy vinyl and therefore there is minimum scope of air loss and deflation.

2) Since Vinyl and other industrial grade materials are used, so inflatable beds can support a great amount of weight unlike old air beds.

3) All inflatable bed manufacturers know that a good night’s sleep comes from comfortable sleep area. Every inflatable bed that now comes out of a manufacturing facility has velvet lining and soft touch covers for optimum touch and feel.

So if you are looking for convenience and comfort then an inflatable bed is the right investment for you. Just make sure that you choose a reputed brand and research well before you actually sign on that dotted line.


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