Friend's Day Brought up in Retail Sales

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Gifts and surprises were some of the ways chosen by the santiagueños the time to thank and reward on the day of friendship.
During the week, traders took the opportunity to decorate their windows inviting back the affection with a gift. From Monday to Thursday inclusive, many locals worked in continuous schedule from 8 to 22.45.
“The whole movement of people started on Saturday afternoon, but was increased, and yesterday was a crazy day, nobody wants to be without a gift,” said an employee of a New Journal to give away.
In the week could see a lot of people looking for gift for your friend, and between the typical preferences were stuffed on key chains, pendants, in boxes, also cards, chocolates, sweets and treats. For the most coquettish, jewelry, shawls, scarves and wallets. Flowers and breakfast surprise also joined the list of selected gifts.
“Sales declined when compared to previous years, including last year was better. Similarly, sales of these days surprise us, the economic situation is better, but would not santiagueños ignore this date in honor of friends, “said the owner of a local.
The capital’s downtown businesses were filled mainly during the morning, where long queues could be seen in business, who used to do promotions, discounts and even small gifts for the purchase of their customers. The prices did not increase the Friend Day, “that explains a bit how many people in business,” said the manager of a local clothing.
“Just yesterday morning I bought a gift for my invisible friend, the truth that the prices are affordable, although the increase is noticeable. I take advantage of promotions or else the combos you put together, like this (pointing to his purchase, which was a box of chocolates and a key ring), and ready, “he said while standing in line to pay.

Meetings and celebrations in bars
Another way to celebrate and celebrate yesterday was meeting friends in bars, restaurants and pubs.
Mucha was the number of reservations made by the santiagueños throughout the week and left no room for those who went looking for where to hang out with friends.
“Since Monday began reservations and Wednesday morning and was all complete,” said an employee of resto-pub called Nuevo Diario.
Those who were most in demand and bookings were those on Avenida Roca, but it was observed that all the bars and restaurants of downtown were filled with long tables of faithful friends who came together to celebrate their day.
“There are promotions and combos meals and drinks for the Friend’s Day is a way of thanking our customers because we chose us to share this journey together,” the owner of a bar.


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