Parenting Issues

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The family plays an important role in the development of children with other social influences in any society. Parenting is a crucial factor in family relationships and most importantly the relationship with your children. That is, they mould children social and psychological development. Family is an essentail part in providing a refuge for intimate and loving place or conflict and violence. In this respect,  parenting is a very important factor in maintianing a harmonious, creative as well as a source of inspiration as well as providing loving and caring relationship. Family also provides a relaxing enviornment and a source for managing stress or increasing stress from the day-to-day pressures of modern life and uncertainities.

Parenting Issues

Parenting issues are normally to draw line between decipline and freedom for their children and adjust them accordingly to their children age, personality, their mental ability, psychological state and their group membership outside of family such a schools, social groups and other groups they associate with. In addition, it also involves the way these are determined and adjusted within the family. Parenting also involves division of tasks and co-ordination of domestic activities and their overall supervision and feddback on regular basis and informal relationships within the family and the resol;ution of conflict and political activity within a family. To put it simply, parenting skills involves relationship building, conflict resolution, decipline and freedom, harmony and the development of caring relationships and sharing of duties in a fair manner. The sucess or failure is a matter of managing these issues and recognising and prioritising the issues and devrlopment of a condusive and constructive as well a consensus building informal mutually beneficial relationship based on trust and trust building and allocation of duties on a fair basis. If these are not resolved and parents are not seen as role models and they are not respected by their children then the family becomes dysfuctional. Parents must be a figure head supporter, consultant as well as a welfare provider for their children not as mistake finding persons. They must avoid comparing them with others and instill creativity and develop their own self image as far as possible. They also allow children to develop their interests if they can make a constructive and clear feasible vision for their children. They must allw experimentation and not too ust direct them, which hinders their free will and original theought process. They must tolerate differences as well learn from making mistakes and develop ethical skills emotional maturity in their own way.  Too much imposition of parents will on their children and if they are not faesible then they must change their expectations. The way they resolve conflcting priorities based on resoned logical analysis and give and take way, children also learn from small age how to resolve issues fairly and amicably. with less stress and emotinal outbursts. Other than blaming, it is better to listen to children and others who kniows about them and give suggestions not ordres are useful in many situations. The eating habits of chilkdren, their own behavior towards children, their emotinal and manageril styles must be carefully recognized as children try to learn these behaviors from them and parents are mostly with them they becom,e entrenched with them. Violence and quarreling is not a mehod for relving conflcit and to put stress on children of your stress on them becomes more conflctual. parents must also be able to manage their stress effectively and not bring issues outside famility and tpass it on to their children.

As discussed above, most essential part of parenting issues is to build a trusting and condusive and progressive relationship which anables teh family to change in the correct direction of harmony, peace and proper moral and emotinal development of the parents and children.


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