Uncovering The Secrets of Stonehenge on a Day Tour From London

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Stonehenge is a captivating landmark in Britain, and a renowned World Heritage Site, dating back 5,000 years. It holds an ancient history, and has been the subject of great debate and speculation. The Stonehenge that we see today was completed around 5,000 years ago, but underwent at least three stages of construction before the final layout was achieved.

How did the vast stones make their way to the Wiltshire countryside and for what purpose? Theories proliferate. Can you uncover the mysteries behind Stonehenge? Take a Stonehenge tour from London and view this enigmatic landmark for yourself.

Since its completion in 1600 BC, Stonehenge has played a key role in various periods throughout history. Medieval artefacts and coins have been found at the site, Saxon remains of a decapitated man were excavated in 1923 and mentions of Stonehenge exist in the work of scholars from the Middle Ages.

Some believe that Stonehenge was used as a religious temple, while others claim it may even be a Bronze Age burial ground. Draw your own conclusions as to why it has generated such debate on a Stonehenge coach tour, and perhaps draw up your own unique theory about Stonehenge. A Stonehenge special access tour is the choice for you if you are especially gripped by this obscure structure: you can gain very close proximity to the stones, entering the very core of the circle.

Or perhaps decide upon a Stonehenge morning tour or Stonehenge evening tour to suit your needs.  Another popular option is a Stonehenge, Bath, Windsor tour, which will undeniably captivate you in a number of ways. Bath and Windsor, though distinctly different from inimitable Stonehenge, nonetheless possess an array of attractions for the visitor to delve into. Roman Bath’s world famed spas will unquestionably entice you, as will its architectural masterpieces such as Pulteney Bridge and Bath Abbey. Windsor’s finest attraction is Windsor Castle, a truly eminent and extraordinary fortress bound to enthrall you.

Stonehenge attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, with an especially large crowd going to see the sunrise at the yearly summer solstice. Theories as to the original purpose of Stonehenge continue to circulate endlessly. Explore this unusual, mystical and numinous structure for yourself on a bus tour from London to Stonehenge. Leave with your own theories about Stonehenge, or simply allow yourself to bask in reverence of this momentous monolithic landmark. Stonehenge simply has to be experienced: the mystical aura that emanates from it simply cannot be described. A Stonehenge special access tour gives you the ultimate experience of this grand structural achievement.


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