The Mosquito Incident

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Two situations really made me so upset since last week: First, a senior officer has not been reporting to work for sometime now though he still receives his usual salary and the second is, there is this high-ranking elective official who, with his convoy of pick-ups and motorcycle escorts, sped past through us using the opposite lane when I was to send my son to school which almost side swiped us.

I just couldn’t help myself but be disappointed by the fact that these people who should serve as examples for us lesser ones were the very people who just did the very opposite given the very short time afforded to them to serve others.

No wonder some folks took to the mountains for their disgust on the kind of people running the government nowadays (I’m not generalizing though).

On my part, there is this great temptation to confront higher officials on the matter.

With this, I spent one afternoon in our home meditating. I was trying to know and justify my future actions, if I am to make any. I was seated on the bench in our sala at that time, asking myself why would He (the One up there) allow such to occur. I was also praying that some light be shed on me.

(The mosquito incident)

It was in this instance that I realized that a bunch of mosquitoes were already buzzing around my feet and were attempting to have a feast on my blood. Instinctively, I swatted them with my hands and succeeded in killing some. Yet they still persist in coming after my feet and seemed to be undeterred by my squashing. Some made it though because I wasn’t moving my feet then.

Afterwards, when I thought I couldn’t tolerate it any longer, I stood up and get the insect-killer spray can but I realized that it won’t be practical for I would be doing it in the open area and they can simply fly away out of the house had I done so.   

So instead, I said to myself, I better give them the old-yet-tested-style. I went to the kitchen, got a dining plate, spread some oil on it and headed on back again to the sala.

This time with this nasty grin on my face and a feeling that I can finally exterminate this nuisance.

Swipes were made and the plate started to fill with mosquitoes. Yet, as I began  to tire, I noticed that they just kept on coming. So, I stood up, put the plate on the floor and watched their later reactions. I observed that they no longer buzz around my feet for the plate is just right in front of me. They are somewhat daunted by it.

So much of mosquitoes, I thought, and then I simply transferred to our mosquito-free room. 


It’s only when I was already inside the room when I realized that what had just happened at the sala were the very answers to my questions.

In reality, It’s not a matter of them but me, the way I perceive things and my reactions to them. They can only affect me if I allow them.

I can take mosquitoes in that experience as tempting situations/events/persons/things/emotions that can affect me by the way I react to them.

All that they really want is a piece of my blood, blood here represents my efforts/attention/money/and even dear-ones. 

My actions were the different approaches we made in reacting to them: I either swat them (use of force); I tried to use the insect-killer spray can (use of modern-day tool for  killing); my use of the old-yet-tested-style oiled-plate (could be the mano-a-mano approach); or simply standing up and putting the plate on the floor and watched their later reactions (this could mean to be just letting the existing law come to them and give them their due); and my simply transferring to our mosquito-free room (could mean that we simply just move out of their way and find a more relaxing situation).

If it’s really their nature to be such. So be it. Temptations abound not to destroy me, although if I succumb to them it’s most likely that I will be, but rather they should strengthen me once I got passed through them. And pass through them I will.

Temptations or tests come on every aspect of my life, I can do whatever I deem appropriate in dealing with them. But I simply must not fail by playing their game.      

Come to think of it again, the issue here is not them but me. I simply can’t afford to let them rule over and consume me. I will still do all that I usually do and won’t be perturbed by them.

Anyhow, they’re just mosquitoes.

(If I move out of their way and they will have no blood to suck on, eventually they’d just die naturally.) 


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