Importance of Words in Communication

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Words are the building blocks of any language without which no verbal or written communication would be possible. Students should enlarge the scope of their vocabulary, but a mere possession of a large stock of words is not sufficient. The architect should know the nature and qualities of his material. All stones do not behave in the same manner; they do not have the same fitness and excellence. There is a good deal of difference between sandstone and marble. Same is the situation with words. Words which are apparently identical in their meaning are called synonyms. These synonyms possess subtle shades of difference and a person has to choose the right word or group of words to express the train of thoughts and ideas passing through his mind.

For instance, to choose between the words confer and bestow, it is necessary to understand that to confer is a part of authority while to bestow is the part of a generous man. Again crime is an offence against the state; vice is an offence against morality and sin is an offence against religion. To absolve means to free from blame, it is a general word to express this idea, to acquit is to free from a formal accusation and to exonerate is to clear a person from blame even when the guilt was admitted because it was committed in self-defense.

Lack of good vocabulary hinders effective communication. Students should cultivate a reading habit to develop their word power. Listening is another good way to enrich language and enhance vocabulary. Listen to speeches of good orators and try to learn how different words are used. Finding the origin or history of a word also helps in understanding the word along with its nuances better. Studying the etymology of words enables the students to use words in the right context.

Therefore develop the magical power of words and polish your communication skills. The art of communication once mastered doubles your opportunities for success. You can motivate, inspire, influence and negotiate better. Communicate effectively, choose powerful words and get ready to face the world with confidence. 


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