Flashback From Way Back

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Games and retro gadgets go a long way back. The world of video games wouldn’t be the same without the unique experience of a wide range of gadgets, consoles and gizmos. As video games evolved, so did the machines which hosted these games. From a 2 dimensional world to a 3 dimensional one, video games and gadgets explored all possibilities before settling in on the best experience. In fact, two thirds of the total cost of any video game can be attributed to the cost of designing and manufacturing the gadget.

What gadgets dominate the market today?

Contrary to popular belief Retro video game systems and retro gadgets have not been easily forgotten. While the video game market does have new gizmos and gaming consoles, retro games and the retro gadgets on which they were played have continued to stay and still be popular. It appears that techno geeks have not lost their love for the games and the gadgets on which they played these games during their childhood days. Next generation platforms such as Xbox 360, Playstation 3 (PS3), Nintendo Wii, and Playstation 2 (PS2) continue to peacefully co-exist among retro gadgets playing the Pac-Man, Atari, asteroids and the kung fu master. The Space Invader still continues to beat new games hands down.

What’s cool about Retro gadgets and video game systems?

Retro gadgets bring about a warm feel of good old days. They induce a huge session of nostalgia and are great pieces to show off to your friends when they come over. Arcade machines, Pac-man costume hats and the twin player consoles are great retro gadgets to enhance the look of your home.

Where can I get these retro gadgets and games?

A lot of people still keep the gadgets they grew up with. Many people tend to pass off their old gadgets to their younger siblings as they grow up and move on to other interests. You can find a wealth of retro gadgets during garage sales and in old flea markets. If you can bargain well, they come really cheap and with a vintage legacy behind them. If you really don’t mind paying well for such gadgets then you can find a large number of websites dedicated to retro games and old time machines. All you need to do is shop online. What you find could be a treasure after all since retro gadgets never go out of style.


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